10 Best Reading Corner Design Ideas for House

A reading corner is not just any regular part of home décor but an emotion for book lovers. If you have a room, always consider setting up the prettiest reading corner which not only guarantees you a great reading session but also can double as a great place for naps, taking long phone calls, and simply relaxing after a long day at work. Reading corner is a quiet place where everyone finds time for themselves and it is always a great idea to have one such space in your abode. 

You might now be wondering about what exactly the reading corner should look like. What are the latest trends in vogue and which home decorative items can you place in order to accentuate the overall looks? Well, we have got you covered on this. Let’s get started with the most prominent reading spaces designs and home decorative items which will look great in your home! 

Reading Corner Essentials

Even before we jump onto the design, we should be mindful of what we need to set up a beautiful yet comfortable nook. To create a perfect reading space the following items are the essentials. 

         Comfortable lounge chairLounge chair for living room is one of the most important things you will require when you decide to set up a reading space because comfort is primary. There are numerous varieties of lounge chair for living room available but one should always choose the one that comes with proper cushioning.

         Book storage shelves/cupboard- Whenever we think of books, we always imagine a bookshelf full of our favorite books. It is of utmost importance to find a shelf where books can become handy and is spacious enough to store all your books. 

         Side table and footrest- Side tables and footrests are two things that will add not just to the looks but also to the comfort of your space.  

         Lighting- A perfect tint of lighting glams up the ambiance and creates a mood for reading. It is therefore important to make proper lighting arrangements in the space either through the floor lamps or the table lamps

Now let us get to the 10 top reading corner designs that will help you set up the most serene reading space and will leave you spellbound with its vibrant glamour. 

  1. Home Library near the window– We often tend to ignore the most beautiful windows and the cozy corners surrounding them but now is the time for you to appreciate them. The best part about these reading corners is that they come with natural light which fills you with sunshine and happiness. Moreover, you can place your lounge chair for living room, footrest, your favorite plants, and wall clock decor all in one place when it comes to these corners. 
  1. Reading nook with the Birdcage hanging chair – All of us like to create a style statement in our houses and the birdcage chair knows it all. It adds the much-required definition, texture, and vintage drama to our reading corner leaving the tranquil atmosphere all around. This look can be complemented with exquisite cushions, fleece, and pillows that will make your reading space cozy, wholesome, and comfortable. 
  1. Reading Space in the Cabin- People with small living spaces or bedrooms often find it difficult to make space for their desired reading room but in this modern era, we have got a modern solution for you. Creating a tiny cabin by the window with a mattress, wall clock decor and comfy pillows is all that you need for soothing reading sessions. 
  1. Monochrome Reading Area- Usually, after finding the ideal spot to create a reading nook we are trapped in the dilemma about colours and design of decorating the same. When you are caught in such doubts blindly go for monochromes. White is the most preferred colour as it is a signifier of peace and calmness and that is what reading is synonymous with. 
  1. Timeless Traditional Corners- The classic reading corner with a gallery wall decorated with photos, paintings and wall art along with plants, home decorative items, and a large bookshelf is all that a reader’s heaven is made up of. We can also add a large and beautiful lounge chair for living room as accent furniture to add both comfort and style to this traditional view. 
  1. Themed Reading Corner – We all want to reflect our personality through our homes and this can be only done when we add varied home decorative items to our ambiance be it modern, vintage, or contemporary hues. For the reading corners, we can add metal wall arts, canvas paintings, or even modern wall clock decor that will definitely accentuate the space. 
  1. Reading Space in the Balcony- A reading space doesn’t always have to be indoors rather creating an outdoor space serves multiple needs such as relaxing in natural air or just making it another chilling spot. Mattresses, home decorative items, tables, and chairs with pillows transform your balcony into a peaceful corner. 
  1. A space filled with Earthy Colours- These days’ neutral and earthy colours instantly add celebratory and joyous vibes to any space. This can be done by blending the accent furniture and textures of the rooms. Shades like pastel yellow and white for the curtains and upholstery are suitable for such a theme. Further, this design can be elevated by adding a curved ottoman which also serves as a footrest. 
  2. Under the Stairs Nook- Did you ever think that space under your stairs can be beneficial for home décor and creating a reading area? Well, you can create a reading space under the stairs of your home with numerous bookshelves and a relaxing lounge chair for living room. 
  3. Space with Vibrant Colours- Colours can go a long way for a relaxing, good, long reading session. A simple idea of adding bold colours is more than a visual therapy for the reader as colours radiate happiness. We can add eccentric tables with lively colours such as magenta or teal or maybe wall clock décor in the colour royal blue or yellow to go with a slightly neutral lounge chair for living room.

Hope these ideas inspire you to create a cozy and beautiful reading corner at your home!

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