10 Minute Solution To Advertise Your Products Using Reels

Products Using Reels

In recent times, Instagram started its newest feature, Reels! It is a feature to create short-format engaging videos on the Instagram platform. Further, Reels offers its creators the ability to make videos shorter than 30-seconds. These Reels have video clips with audio tracks, filter effects, and innovative tools. With Reels, Instagram started its promotional marketing among its vast audience base. Reels target photos to videos as the upcoming short-format videos have excellent results. Thus, the Reels help the platform’s growth to the next level. So, are you looking to advertise your business videos through Reels? If so, you should make good quality content even if you don’t get many Instagram Reels impressions. Now, you can buy instagram reels impressions for your advertising videos. As a result, it will make your Reels get visible on your Explore page. 

Know Everything About Instagram Reels

Reels offer a chance for business marketers to advertise their products and services since the platform is an effective marketing option for every small business marketer. Check down the following statistics to know about doing business using Instagram Reels: 

  • In July 2020, there were one billion active users on Instagram. Next, 500 million users daily use Instagram Reels. 
  • More than 130 million users were engaging through the shopping posts every month. 
  • The brand’s engagement rate for Reels is ten times more than Facebook. 
  • One-third of Instagram users have bought at least once using the eCommerce site. 

This article explains methods where people must use Reels for advertising their business. Also, it discusses the creative space for the content creators to design their Reels. At last, you can even work with these methods for your business to look at the exciting sales rate. 

1. Feature Video Collection Of New Products

The Netherlands-based poet and artist Danica Gim recently created a new range of stickers for their art business. She recorded an Instagram Reel displaying new stickers with more engagement than their brand’s recent Instagram posts. 

  • A shining filter made with the stickers looks more charming. 
  • Overlay your Reels with the famous song in a perfect way to grab the user’s attention. 
  • Every sticker displays for the second by making the user view your Reel repeatedly. It collects lots of video views and expands the video engagement for the Reels. 

Fact: While promoting your products on Instagram Reels, try to track your performance insights using impressions. If you need to curve your growth, use Socialdice to enhance your organic engagement. 

2. New Product’s Flip-Back

In 2021, India-based artists: Gayathri and Akshita started their hand-painted calendar through their small arts and crafts business. In this art profile, the Reels provide a unique look at their several pages on the calendar, where every page has hand-painted artwork to suit their vibes. 

  • The musical and mind-soothing music fits with the cool, vibrant, and significant colors of the Reels videos.
  • A small section of the text shows when the calendar is open for the pre-order process. 

The compelling captions make it evident where Instagram users can place their orders. But, unfortunately, only some pages are visible, showing plenty to stimulate the user’s eagerness yet not much to leave anything new or exciting for them to find when they get the product. 

3. Assemble The Product

Now look at the jewelry business from the Euphoria Jewels at Bay area often shares Instagram Reels about the different small steps they make to assemble their jewelry and preparation methods for shipping. Overlaying with the popular music tracks and gleaming filter effects work into intriguing audience minds. Thus, Reels of creating the jewelry drives success for your brand on Instagram. Some of the methods about making your Reels to run your small business jewelry are below for your reference:

  • Try to make beautiful packaging to excite the users who haven’t purchased anything from your shop.
  • Gleaming filters and a warm music tone helps to make your product look engaging on your Reels. 
  • It is perfect for packing lots of content within 15-seconds videos where users can’t take up their eyes from your Reels screen for the moment. 

Ending Facts

There are several innovative methods to work on Instagram Reels to advertise your products. Yet, the small businesses should start to focus on getting their Reels impressions. If so, you should begin to use Socialdice as it helps to expand your Instagram Reels engagement results. Working for your small business on Instagram through Reels, you need to follow these different methods.

  • Display a new range of product launches. 
  • Try to feature sneak-peaks about the video glimpse of new products.
  • BTS series of video clips about how your product gives better results. 
  • What happens when you take part together to gather the complete products. 
  • Feature how product packaging by hand and shipping off to their new homes. 
  • Even start creating a product from the base with comments about the insights, inspiration, and takeaways. 

Although Reels are the unique Instagram feature that connects with the personal connection for every business marketer, often pictures show only the final products. In contrast, Reels serve as an ideal method to display to your audience what works behind the scenes for every finished product. Also, it makes the users link with the creators, making you understand the effort that goes over the making process. 

Are you a small business marketer trying to start your venture on Instagram? If so, use Reels which works as the right option, then make your audience feel like they are part of the process. Further make them know about the benefits of buying your products, and how their products can improve their lifestyle. 

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