12 Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Sister


Sometimes, the closest people in our lives are the toughest to buy for. You know everything about each
other, but nothing ever seems good enough. If your sibling is about to get married, you may feel that
choosing the best wedding gift for sister is an impossible task.

Don’t worry, we got you.

These 12 gift ideas for sisters wedding are sure to please and make it clear that you put some thought
into your choice.

Bride box

As her sister, you have the luxury of being able to gift early. You are likely going to be amongst the first to
know about the big announcement, leaving you up to a year before the big day. Take advantage of this
situation by signing up for a bridal box subscription.

This trend setting option provides the bride with fun items each and every month. Retailers like
MissToMrs curate themed bridal box subscriptions that help the bride plan and celebrate as the walk
down the aisle approaches.

Make sure to choose a bride subscription box that fits your timeframe. Some retailers have set delivery
schedules while others are customizable so that you can spread delivery over a longer period of time or
expedite delivery if there are only a few months before the wedding day. The miss to mrs bridal box
provides these options as well as a honeymoon box to keep the fun going.


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Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger

One of our favorite options is the bridal gift for sister that she probably forgot. Your sister’s wedding dress
is a special garment that demands special treatment. Personalize a single or set of dress hangers that
include her wedding date. This will help preserve the gown before and after it’s worn and will enhance
the getting-ready experience for everyone.

Getting Ready Robe

Another entry for the ‘getting ready’ portion of the big day is a robe. Personalize this wedding day gift for
sister by embroidering her new name on the sash. She’ll literally be wrapped in your love as she
prepares for the next phase of her life.

Embroidered Denim

Denim jackets are in high demand right now. Ignite her inner fashion model with an embroidered denim
jacket. She’ll love showing off her new status at casual events in this retro look.

Casual Wear

Whether you choose joggers, slippers or a sweater, you can’t go wrong. As long as it’s comfortable and
is emblazoned with the word “bride” for all to see, your sister is going to love lounging in it.

Vow Books

Your sister and her groom are likely to remember the spirit of their vows, but maybe not the particular
words. His and Hers vow books are a great wedding gift idea for sisters. This allows them to capture the
exact words that were uttered when they united.

Recipe Cutting Board

Most people have a favorite recipe. Perhaps you and your sister share a sentimental dish that you grew
up with. The best bet is to choose a recipe that’s been handed down from generation to generation and
have it permanently etched on a cutting board.

Attire Sketch

Grownup decor is a big deal once your sister is officially married. Check multiple boxes by framing an
illustration of your sister’s gown and her bride’s tuxedo. Not only will you be capturing a memory, you’ll
also be contributing to her decor.

Framed Vow Art

Following the theme of helping out with mature decor, consider framing your sister and her groom’s
vows. Hanging this on the wall will be a darling addition to any room’s aesthetic and a constant reminder
of their love.

Themed Glassware

Depending on your sister’s style, choose tumblers, highballs, flutes, or wine glasses and have them
etched with the date of her wedding day. Consider adding your personal touch with a fun message.

Bath Caddy

There’s no limit to how valuable a little bit of relaxation can be. Help your sister find her zen with a bath
caddy that accommodates her screen, a glass of wine, and a good book as she soaks her stress away.

Sister Sister Getaway

Finally, the best wedding gift idea for your sister is time. Book a trip so that you can both enjoy each
other’s company before her life gets busy with building her family. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive,
a road trip will do just fine. It’s your connection that counts.

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