4 Best Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability

Even after being on the scene for more than 30 years, email marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with your customers. With it, you can take a highly personalized approach, and ensure you’re making additional sales.

However, it doesn’t matter how much time and money you spend crafting the perfect email, if it doesn’t reach the recipient’s inbox – it becomes a waste. So, before you start thinking about subject lines, CTAs, and click-through rates, you should look at the bigger picture and pay attention to email deliverability.

Email deliverability numbers show how many of your emails actually landed in your prospects’ inboxes, and it’s affected by a bunch of different factors. And today, we’ll go through the four best techniques that will help you improve the deliverability of your email campaigns.

Set Your IP for Success

Internet Service Provider (ISP) filters exist to stop spam, so you need to show them that your IP is trustworthy. You can do this by sending small batches of emails to people who will definitely engage with them. 

Send out your campaign in several batches, and you’ll start showing the ISPs that you are to be trusted. Increase your volume slowly, until you’ve emailed everyone on your list.

Keep Your Campaigns Consistent

Random bursts of emails can be flagged as spam by email service providers. This lowers your sender score and furthers the risk of your emails ending up in junk folders.

If you want to avoid this, we recommend that you stick to a regular sending schedule. 

Use a Double Opt-in

Sure, you can quickly grow your email list by having a pre-checked box for email subscriptions. But, this leaves you open to spam complaints. This is dangerous because some ISPs block sending servers after only a couple of spam reports.

To avoid this, start using a double opt-in. When the user submits a form on your website, send them an email so they can validate their email address. 

Not only that this will help you with spam complaints, but it will also help you not break the law since many countries now require double opt-ins.

Deep Clean Your Email List

If you keep emailing non-existent users, as well as users who aren’t engaging with your campaigns, you’ll ramp up your bounce rate and lower your credibility.

Check your email lists every now and then, and remove people who haven’t opened or clicked your emails in a couple of months. Additionally, you should use an email validation service to catch any typos, outdated emails, or false addresses.

Besides keeping your reputation high, this will also ramp up your email analytics since you’ll only email people who are interested in what you have to say.

Wrapping Up

These are just the basic four things you can do to save your sender’s reputation and avoid ending up in spam folders. There are plenty more, but if you’re just getting started with email marketing, we recommend you start with these four and add more as you become more knowledgeable. 

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