5 Major Benefits of AngularJS Development For Fintech Companies

Fintech Companies

In this zig-zag world of web development, multiple technologies achieved popularity, and AngularJS is one of them. Whether it comes to creating user interfaces or developing mobile applications, developers usually prefer AngularJS. From big firms like Gmail, Forbes and Netflix to Amazon, AngularJS development plays a crucial role. 

AngularJS was created and launched in 2009, and several experienced developers never imagined its advancement over the years. Google now supports this fastest-growing framework, and if we compare its current version with the earlier one, we find it ten times faster. This is the main reason why Fintech companies are using AngularJS to improve their products. 

However, JavaScript remains a constant for building custom applications and app development solutions. But in comparison to JavaScript, AngularJS conveys more workability & scalability to establish compelling web applications. Nowadays, Fintech companies prefer AngularJS due to its extensible and seamless libraries. If you are in the Fintech business and want to monetise your website applications faster and securely, Hire AngularJS developers to improve your platform. 

So concerning the above stats, it has cleared that the demand for AngularJS extended over the years. Here you can analyse and understand how AngularJS evolves gradually and provides many benefits to the development industry. You can clearly understand how the AngularJS rate increased from 2010/02 to 2022/09. 

A Short Overview of its Usage

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework written in JavaScript for creating dynamic network applications. It is one of the well-known frameworks based on JavaScript and HTML. 

Therefore, you do not need to access any other syntax or language if you have a sharp command of AngularJS. Perhaps you are wondering about its features, but this framework is widely used for web applications of varying complexity. 

Usage of AngularJS

AngularJS is one of the most prominent frameworks compared to others. Due to its code quality and faster application development, several developers prefer it as their first choice. For the last decade, the popularity of Hire Angular Developers has increased rapidly to convey a wide network of mobile & web applications supported by Google. Today in this blog, we will discuss 5 major benefits of AngularJS. But before proceeding, just look at some facts about AngularJS. 

Interesting Facts about AngularJS

  • Enhance Design Architecture
  • Scalability & Versatility
  • Smooth Application Development
  • Assist in Create Rich Internet Applications, RIA
  • Able to Access JavaScript Code Automatically
  • Capable of Create Single Page Applications

The tech world is revamping web & mobile application development. Companies are focusing on a customer-centric approach with the help of application design and development. You can increase your sales and promote your brand reputation if you have a sharp eye for a customer-centric approach. Therefore, AngularJS arrives at creating customer-centric mobile applications. So if you are planning to make this dream come true, Hire AngularJS Developers to track and map the market needs. 

5 Major Benefits of AngularJS Development

  • Versatile and Used to Create Multiple Platforms

AngularJS is often preferred by marketers who believe that features like modules, components and code-splitting help to speed up development. Without lagging, security and performance companies are showing their interest in choosing AngularJS to reinforce their product needs. 

  • Assist SPA Features

A quicker website transition is the primary driver behind single-page application development. The website will behave and seems like a native application. Instead of using the browser’s typical mechanism of loading entirely new pages, a website will connect with the web browser by constantly changing the old web page with new web server data, known as a Single Page Application (SPA).

Single Page Applications can be developed using AngularJS. When a programmer uses AngularJS to create a single-page application, the result is a page that loads quickly, functions on all platforms, offers a great user experience, and is much simpler to maintain.

  • Help to Build Custom Development

Many developed and specialised fintech companies require technical features and custom development to achieve goals and targets. AngularJS is the perfect option for creating on-demand applications with its great features. 

  • Data Management Applications

AngularJS developers play a crucial role in accessing large amounts of data and building compelling applications. However, to make business decisions easier and more convenient, it enables content management and controlling user access. 

  • Swift Application Development 

AngularJS Framework allows developers to use an extensive set of tools & technology to build applications swiftly and efficiently. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the cost, time and effort during the development. It is also accessible to detect bugs and convey end-to-end testing features. 

So, these are the major benefits of AngularJS that show how it is crucial for development. Although, not only the developers but also the market prefers AngularJS compared to other frameworks. AngularJS cover many aspects, and it has become the main reason to choose it over the other frameworks. Just look at the stats below and find out how AngularJS has become so popular in the market. As per the current survey given by Stack Overflow, it has cleared that more than 26% of developers choose AngularJS compared to other frameworks. Presently, around 4,430,537 websites use the AngularJS framework. In the above stats, you can see how the variation increased from Laravel to Angular. 

Reason Behind the Popularity of AngularJS

Whether it is React or ASP.NET, several frameworks are operating around the globe

 that provides services to web development. On average more than 224,450 industries across the globe prefer AngularJS. Whether you are running a small-scale industry or making 10M dollars in revenue does not matter. Both of them use this framework. AngularJS occupy approximately 5.83% of the marketplace. AngularJS has proved to be one of the best toolsets for developing flexible frameworks, that is why fintech companies choose it to fulfil their workflow. 

In addition, AngularJS has beaten other frameworks in the web market share and holds a specific rank. In the top 10K, 100K and 1M sites, AngularJS has become a leading technology in the whole web. For a better understanding, the stats below illustrate Angular’s market share over React. 


After reading this informative blog, you can understand how AngularJS will be helpful for your company. A web development framework is a great option for developing online applications that are quick and responsive. Since its creation, AngularJS has advanced significantly, and it continues to do so. You can start using this framework for web development right now without seeking second opinions.

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