5 Things You Can Change in Your Kitchen to Make it More Eco-friendly

The kitchen is the only place which is active from early morning till late at night. We all start our day in the kitchen by brewing our first cup of coffee in the morning. All through the day, there is some work or the other continuously going on in the kitchen till we finally wrap up the kitchen work for the day. A lot of work is carried out in the kitchen which includes cutting the vegetables, preparing different meals, doing the dishes etc. It, therefore, becomes necessary to keep cleaning the kitchen each time we use it.

Having a good kitchen is the desire all of us have so that it can be multi-functional. We sit with our family to enjoy different meals and spend time with them eating, drinking and talking. We sure would not want our family to sit for a meal in a place that is messy and dirty.

Eco-friendly Products for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the only place that gets messy easily as a lot of work is done in it all through the day. Therefore, it becomes essential to clean it on and off. With the desire to have a clean kitchen, we end up buying expensive products full of different chemicals. As the tough stains, the oil, dirt, and grime are hard to remove, we are tempted to get modern cleaning products to prevent cross-contamination. What we don’t realise is that they do us more harm than good due to the presence of hazardous chemicals.

The following things will help you keep your kitchen clean without depending on harmful chemicals –

Dish wash – The kitchen and food are incomplete without the dishes. After we are done cooking and eating food, we are left with a lot of dishes to be washed. Most dish wash products contain a harmful chemical to remove the stubborn dirt and grease from the pans. Sometimes, they even leave the residue behind in the vessels after it is washed. In the long run, they also make our hands rough and dry.

Try out chemical-free and eco-friendly dish wash liquids that are gentle and will give you the best experience of cleaning the vessels without being hard on your pockets.

Vinegar – Vinegar is an excellent kitchen cleaner. You can use vinegar to clean the kitchen sinks. When you mix one portion of vinegar with water, it becomes an amazing cleaner for the windows, dishes and floors. We do find tough stains in the microwave and cleaning it is a big task. However, we can even use vinegar and water solution to clean the microwave. Just bring the solution of vinegar and water to a boil till the steam is formed. Wipe away the residue to get a clean microwave.

Baking soda – This is a magical ingredient that is safe to be used for cleaning the kitchen sink and stubborn stains from cast iron cookware and stainless-steel cookware. Make a paste of baking soda and water. Rub it on the pot with grease and stains. Pour some white vinegar and hot water into the pot. Allow the whole thing to sit for some time. Rinse it off with water. You will be amazed to see your pots are nice and clean.

You can mix baking soda and vinegar to clean and deodorize refrigerators, ovens, stove tops etc.

Lemon – Lemons are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They have natural acids and anti-bacterial properties that can help in killing bacteria and microorganisms. You can use them as a natural disinfectant for all the surfaces in the kitchen. You can get rid of the funky smell from the garbage disposal just by using lemon. Run some lemon peel with water and ice in the garbage disposal. This will ensure natural cleaning by leaving a pleasant smell.

Herbs Plantation – You can make your kitchen green kitchen not just by eating greens but by planting certain herbs to make it more eco-friendly. You can grow mint, coriander, basil, fennel etc. on the kitchen balcony or the countertop. This will give you a fresh look along with enabling you to use fresh herbs in your dishes. Plants like basil, lavender and rosemary help in keeping the pests like mosquitoes, flies, bugs, silverfish and ants away.

Dodge the toxic chemicals out of your kitchen and your life by replacing them with these sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives that will clean and sanitize your kitchen while reducing your environmental footprint.

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