5 Tips to Get You Win More Gunfights at COD Warzone

There would hardly be any gamer, serious or casual, in the world who has not heard of the Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty games have been over the years the gold standard in the first-person shooter games, and their every release had been a record-breaking hit for the franchise, including Call of Duty: Warzone, which has amassed over 172 million downloads since it was released, and that number is only going to go in the upward direction.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a fast-paced first-person shooter battle royale game, and one could even state that it is a technical marvel for one to play, which is why its popularity only seems to grow as time passes. The easiest way to describe this game is taking Modern Warfare, another successful game from the Call of Duty franchise to a whole new level.

But while the game is fun to play and quite easy for beginners to learn as well, winning in Call of Duty: Warzone is another matter altogether. Yes, it is an easy game for one to get used to the controls and the mechanics, and the objectives of the game are quite clear as well, but one thing that every beginner player of the game should keep in mind is that it is highly likely that they will be paired up against players who are more experienced in the gameplay than they are. In a game, where small things can make a huge difference, having more experience will always be a feather in the cap for experienced players and would spell doom for beginner players. But here are some exclusive Warzone hacks that will certainly, not overcome but narrow the gap between you and the more experienced players. So just follow the below mentioned tips and see yourself win more gunfights in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Tip #1. Drop in the hotspots

For experienced players of the game, this might seem like a piece of weird advice to give to beginner players as the majority of the gamers would suggest beginners stay out of the hotspots but hear us out first. Yes, your likelihood of you dying first would be considerably higher if you drop in one of the hotspots, but in the hotspots, one could get great leads that would enable them to get better kills and better rewards as a result well. Even higher experienced players are somewhat scared of dropping in these hotspots, making it likely that you will encounter another beginner like you, making the combat fairer.

Tip #2. Had your Loadout drop, then forget about looting

Looting is an essential part of the Call of Duty: Warzone game, but there are certain times that should not be the default course of action for you to take. One such time is when you have had your loadout drop. Once you have your ammo and weapons to the fullest, there is no point trying to loot any other stuff. You could easily stop your passive play and be the hunter of the game, shooting down your enemies left and right. Only when your ammo is running low should you think about looting.

Tip #3. Get a UAV ASAP!

While getting the right weapon and ammo is paramount for success in Call of Duty: Warzone, there is another piece of equipment every player of the game should get their hands on as soon as possible, and that in a UAV. Not many gamers know what to do with the cash they have collected in their gameplay; they purchase unnecessary stuff, ignoring what is truly important and equipment that can win them the game, and that is exactly what a UAV does. The importance and benefits of having a UAV system cannot be understated as they literally can change the tide of the game in one swoop.

Tip #4. Get the loadout drop as soon as you get the funds for it.

The reason why we suggested you drop in the Hotspots is to get some cash quickly, and as soon as you collect your first 10,000 dollars, the next thing would be to buy a loadout drop immediately. This loadout drop will allow you to be ready for the gunfights that will lie in the future and would be a massive help in the gameplay, especially if you are a beginner of the game.

Tip #5. Get an aimbot immediately!

It might seem a bit underhanded, but keep in mind that you are not the first to use an aimbot in Call of Duty: Warzone. Not only will the aimbot help you in your aim, but it will also help you with the mechanics of the game. Many veteran players of the game advise beginners to start with an aimbot to level up their gameplay and then discard it when they can handle the game on their own. So, get your hands on a suited aimbot today!

Now, winning gunfights at COD Warzone is not at all impossible. All you need to do is to change your gaming tactics and include some exclusive hacks to improve your play. Now, just follow the tips mentioned above and win more gunfights in a seamless manner.

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