6 Most Expensive Seiko Watches in Brand History

6 Most Expensive Seiko Watches in Brand History

Seiko did not start as a globally recognized brand. They started small, but through hard work and perseverance, they’ve developed and expanded, racking up some impressive accomplishments along the way. Not only are their designs and implementations of concepts brilliant, but they also provide each consumer with a premium timepiece that is both precise and reliable that might as well fit you. 

Seiko is now a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality watches and a relic of the industry’s bygone heyday. Plus, Seiko is currently the go-to brand when it comes to cutting-edge timepiece developments. There are several to choose from, making it tough to find the one that is just right for you; nevertheless, Seiko’s SNE587P1 may be it. So, let’s look at some of Seiko’s most expensive watches and learn more about how they evolved into the beautiful items the company is proud to give us today. 

Seiko’s Beginning

In the realm of timepieces, Seiko is among the most well-known names. In 1881, Kintar Hattori established the first Seiko shop in Tokyo’s Ginza district. They’re famous for releasing the first quartz wristwatch and the first quartz watch with a chronograph function. The founder built lasting relationships with many international trade companies, which provided him with access to high-quality imported watches and equipment. Seiko is a well-known watchmaker because of the company’s lengthy history and continued commercial success.

   1. Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection SBGD207 Spring Drive 8-Day Jewelry Watch 

The early morning winters in Japan’s Shinshu area served as inspiration for the design of the jewelry timepiece crafted by the Mirco Artist Studio. In honor of Grand Seiko’s 140th anniversary, another jewelry watch shows a beautiful and unique part of the studio’s nature.

The power reserve indication, jewels, and blued screws are all visible within the movement. The casing is platinum and measures one of the largest and heaviest Grand Seiko watches available. Finished with a flat-polishing method called Zaratsu, it features a single brilliant-cut diamond mounted in its crown. The SBGD207 Masterpiece is a fantastic timepiece, but whether or not you think it’s worth USD 185,000 is a matter of taste.

   2. Grand Seiko’s Heritage Series 9 SLGH007 Platinum Watch with Tree-Ring Dial 

Like the snowflake and the birch tree, this “tree ring” pattern has its origins in symmetry. The dial’s designs are applied using special molds, and the final touch is applied using precise lacquering procedures. The Series 9 concept’s dial has a seductive but subtle surface quality, and its massive, finely cut hour markers and large, flat hands make for exceptional viewing.

Take note of the star icon situated above the six o’clock position. Using that one-of-a-kind manufacturer is something of a Grand Seiko tradition that dates back to the first Grand Seiko watch, introduced in 1960. The SLGH007 is a new Grand Seiko Hi-Beat watch with a platinum casing, and it features the brand’s latest Hi-Beat 9SA5 mechanism. There will only be 140 made and will cost USD 59,800. 

   3. Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection SBGD201 Spring-Driven Timepiece 

Here we have Seiko’s most precise and exceptional mechanical watch movement. The SBGD201 features the brand new 9R01 Spring Drive, with a substantial eight-day power reserve and 56 jewels. Rarified platinum 950, a combination containing 95% platinum, is used for the casing. The watch’s innovative spring drive movement, which has an eight-day power reserve and is hand-made in Seiko’s Micro Artist Studio, adds to its already impressive list of features. So it costs around USD 59,000, which is reasonable. 

   4. Grand Seiko Sport SBGC242 Spring Drive Chronograph GMT

This robust timepiece features a novel material combination and an innovative design that complement the Spring Drive Chronograph Caliber 9R86’s outstanding functionality. The watch’s genuine 18k gold base bezel features a dodecahedral design, making it one of its finest qualities. Everything about it, including the stainless steel shell, is top-notch. It has a GMT hand, a date window, and a conventional 12-hour mechanical chronograph, in addition to the manufacturer’s revolutionary Spring Drive technology from Japan. The finished Seiko timepiece is a work of unrivaled beauty. This Seiko timepiece is even more exceptional because it costs around USD 18,000. 

   5. Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chrono Evolution 9 Black SBGC251 GMT Watch 

First, we’ll get the features and capabilities out of the way to examine them in further detail. That this watch is so nearly perfect in its implementation is hardly surprising. The exceptional precious metals used in its construction are both costly and eye-catching. It has a black rotating bezel and a black dial. Also included is a 12-hour chronograph with contrasting white center hands and a light blue GMT hand. You could get a cut staring at the polished hands and beveled pinion caps. Compared to the brand’s earlier diving watches, this one has a more contemporary appearance. The latest model, which retails for around $12,000, is an acquired taste. These can be just up your alley if you prefer garish, athletic statement pieces. 

   6. Grand Seiko SBGA211 White Four Season “Winter” Snowflake Pattern 

The vertically grainy texture of the “snowflake” dial on the SBGA211 was reminiscent of Japan’s snowy landscapes and was another design element that stood out. Its beautiful dial may be its most recognizable feature, but the watch is much more than meets the eye. The Grand Seiko Snowflake’s structure results from meticulous design; it has a delicate geometry with finely beveled edges and slim lugs, giving the impression that it is thinner and smaller.

The outside of the Grand Seiko Snowflake shines unrivaled brilliance thanks to the superb Zaratsu-polished finish that skilled Grand Seiko artisans apply. It’s reasonable to assume a price of roughly USD 5,679. Beautiful design and state-of-the-art functionality come at a surprisingly high yet affordable cost.


Seiko has you covered, from excellent entry-level models to mechanically superior timepieces that any other manufacturer can’t match. The revolutionary solar watches by Seiko, from the most affordable to the most lavish, are competitively priced and make a lot of sense, and the brand has a devoted fan base for a good reason. With that, there’s no doubt that these Japanese wristwatches are certainly an exciting value wherever they go. 

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