6 Reasons Why Becoming An Aesthetics Nurse Is Right For You

Aesthetic Nurses

If you are a nurse or nurse prescriber working in the healthcare industry, you may find that you want a change in career but continue using your skills. If this sounds familiar, why not consider training as an aesthetics nurse? To help you make up your mind, here are 6 reasons why this career path is right for you. 

1. You want to advance your career in a booming industry

The cosmetic surgery industry, and in particular the area of facial aesthetics is booming, and estimated to be worth in excess of £3.6 billion in the UK alone. This means the demand for treatments will always be high and you have a strong opportunity to rapidly advance in your career.

2. You are a detail-oriented person

If you are the type of person with a strong attention to detail and likes things to be carried out perfectly, a career in aesthetics nursing is a great choice.

Symmetry is everything in aesthetics, but the majority of people are uniformly proportioned. Working as an aesthetic nurse will allow you to ‘tweak’ the facial appearance, closely achieving symmetry and enhancing natural beauty. 

When carrying out cosmetic treatments, you need to have significant attention to detail to ensure patient safety. If any complications do occur during a patient’s treatment, you must know what went wrong and how to correct the problem as quickly as possible 

3. You enjoy boosting people’s confidence

As an aesthetic nurse, you will enhance a patient’s natural beauty and assist them in becoming the best version of themselves. As well as being a positive experience for your clients, it also means that you’ll be working in a joyful and positive environment. 

If you enjoy boosting people’s self-image and confidence, then this is a great career path for you. 

4.  You want more work flexibility 

The healthcare industry can be demanding and can involve long hours, so if you’re looking for more control over your work/life balance, a career in the aesthetic industry might just be your ticket. 

The flexibility associated with a career in aesthetic medicine means it’s often possible to practice alongside remaining in the NHS, although those with an entrepreneurial eye may take the plunge into aesthetics as a full time career by running their own clinic. 

If you work for yourself as an aesthetic nurse, you will be able to choose which days you want to work, how many clients you see and at hours that suit you and your schedule. This allows you to dedicate more time to your personal life and those around you. 

5. You want a high earning potential 

Like most medical professionals, there’s a lot of money to be made in aesthetics treatments, especially if you decide to work for yourself where your earning potential is unlimited. Most aesthetic treatments are performed in around just 15-20 minutes, and the vast majority of them, like botox or lip injections, start at £200 per procedure. 

6. You are calm and have a steady hand

It goes without saying that when working with injections, you have to have precision and steadiness. If you have a calm, steady hand, you are more likely to do a higher quality job compared to someone who has a shaky, unbalanced hand. 

7. You want to train in a number of different procedures

The beauty of being an aesthetic nurse is that every day will be different – new clients, new treatments and new challenges. If you don’t like repetitive tasks and like to mix things up, then aesthetic nursing is for you. 

The great news about aesthetics is that there are so many different procedures you can train in and carry out day-to-day, for example: botox, dermal fillers, microblading, or even dermaplaning.

Written by Kate, on behalf of You Can Clinic. 

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