7 Signs That Indicates You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

There are different types of people on the planet and some are not very good when it comes to controlling their emotions. They will most probably say or do wrong things at the wrong time. Also, such individuals will be quick to judge others but will never like taking criticism from anyone. If you know of someone who is like this then chances are that he/she has low emotional intelligence. 

So, what is it? Well, it refers to the inability to decipher emotions and to use that information to guide your actions and thinking. This means they might not necessarily exhibit the right emotion at a particular time. For instance, when I helped my friend in his search for the right ISP by telling him about the Spectrum internet prices, he wasn’t excited. But I understood why he was like that. 

7 Signs You Lack Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is important to every aspect of life. In fact, some researchers now believe that EQ may now be the more defining factor than IQ in determining how successful one will be in life. Having a low emotional intelligence can prove to be quite a bit of a problem for you as it will not only affect your interpersonal relationship but will also put your physical and mental health at a risk. Let’s now look at some signs that indicate that an individual lacks EQ. 

1. Being Always Right 

People who lack emotional intelligence are quite argumentative. They will argue with anyone whether it be their family, friends, or even strangers. Such individuals will never listen to you and will continue to argue a point to death. Also, if you show them proof to support your stance, they will simply tell you that you have collected the wrong facts. So, no matter what you do, they will continue to argue till you decide to agree with whatever it is they are saying just to end the argument. 

2. Oblivious to Other’s Feelings 

Individuals with low EQ don’t care about other people’s feelings. This is one thing that can easily make them very unlikeable. And such a person will be surprised when they get to know that their co-workers don’t like them or their partner is angry at them. Also, this annoys them when others expect them to know how they feel. 

3. Blame People for Their Problems 

People who have low emotional intelligence are unaware of the fact that sometimes their actions can lead them to big problems. And when they are surrounded by different issues, they will never admit that it is the result of their own doings. So, whenever something goes wrong, their natural reaction is to find something or someone to put the blame on. They might also say that they were left with no other choice but to do what they did and that people will never be able to understand the situation they are in. For example, if they are caught reading your text then it will be your fault for leaving the smartphone unlocked. 

4. Have Emotional Outbursts 

Another signal that shows people lack EQ is that they will find it hard to regulate their emotions. They will neither be able to understand nor will be able to control their emotions. Such individuals can lash out at anyone without understanding what the other person is actually feeling or why are they so upset. They can have emotional outbursts at any time which can make them pretty uncontrollable. The smallest of things can get them mad. 

5. Struggle with Relationships 

People with low emotional intelligence don’t have many friends. This is because a good friendship requires sharing of emotions, mutual give-and-take, emotional support, and compassion. These are all those traits that a low EQ person lacks. Therefore, they never are able to establish a strong bond with others. Such people will always come off as unfeeling. 

6. Have Bad Coping Skills 

If someone is not able to cope with an emotionally charged situation then this means that a person has poor emotional intelligence. They won’t be able to comprehend the emotions whether it being of their own or others. Such individuals will prefer to avoid such situations at all costs so they might not have to deal with the emotional fallout. They will also try their best to hide their emotions. 


Having a low emotional intelligence can lead one to many problems. It can easily harm your relationships and can make you a very difficult person to deal with. However, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your EQ such as you can sharpen your people skills to improve your professional and personal relationships. Plus, you should try to practice empathy and learn to take responsibility for your actions. It will help you a great deal! 

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