With the rapid growth of the mobile app industry, every marketer is literally trying to be on the top of all current trends by utilizing their best ever strategies. Here for staying on the top place of your market, you are certainly required to adopt the relevant as well as necessary measures. And out of those necessary measures, the top trend which you can consider using for boosting your own personal app is the utilization of push notifications.

So, today in this article, here we are going to provide you with the seven necessary steps for boosting your iOS & Android app engagements via react native push notifications: 

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#1. Strengthen Two Way Conversation:

Usually marketers believe in delivering the relevant promotional content to their targeted audience groups via one way mode. But it has certainly become very important for brands to establish good relationships with their customers. And it can only become possible when you give them a proper platform for building a two way effective communication process where they can also share their reviews and opinions about your brand. Moreover your clients also feel valued & appreciated as well when they realize you are always ready to listen to them. Here you can simply utilize the React Native Push Notifications for encouraging the two way communication with your clients.

#2. Them With Great Rewards and Loyalty Points: 

The second step you can adopt for increasing your mobile app engagements & your retention rate as well is offering your users with the great incentives and loyalty points only if your business model allows you to do so. With this, your users are going to find great reasons to check your mobile app on a regular basis and moreover use your products & services. This will simply improve your app users engagements as well as your over sales which is absolutely significant for your brand recognition. Now to offer your users with great rewards and loyalty points, here you can simply utilize React Native Push Notifications. 

#3. Them Relevant In-App Messages: 

The next step you certainly need to follow immediately is aligning your app experience with your users’ preferences and choices as well. For this, you can absolutely use in-app messages to make your interaction even better with your users where you can easily improve your mobile app user retention rate upto 64%. These in-app messages are mainly used to update users about certain things like payment failures, warnings about app issues, or about app version upgrades etc. Here you can utilize the react native firebase for in-app messaging service interface where you can deliver relevant content on time. 

#4. Utilize Push Notifications: 

Push notifications are absolutely the right way to increase the number of your mobile app user engagements along with the user retention as well. But it is very important for you to realize that you are using these push notifications at the right time in the right manner. Utilization of push notification will certainly increase the degree of personalization with clients that will eventually improve your public brand interaction. So, here you powerfully need to use these react native push notification messages mainly for acknowledging your users’ presence on your mobile app and that will ultimately improve mobile app interaction. 

#5. Onboarding Procedure: 

The next step you can take for increasing your users app engagement on your mobile app is improving its onboarding process. Although it really seems very simple here yet it’s not. Here for improving the onboarding process of your mobile app, firstly you need to focus on reducing the number of steps which you find somehow unnecessary during creating an account. Moreover here you can also provide your users multiple registration options via using their other personal accounts like Google or Facebook. Here you can let your users know about your super easy login process by using these influential react native push notifications. 

#6. Quick Action Buttons: 

Here the next step for improving your user app engagements and increasing custom retention rate you can take is adding quick home screen action buttons like 3D touch. With this, you can certainly allow your users to execute significant actions related to the app even without leaving the home screen. All they have to do is pressing the mobile app’s icon a bit harder than usual tapping so that the list of supported quick action buttons will become visible. All these excellent features regarding your mobile app can be conveyed to them by using the react native push notifications. 

#7. Employ Significant URLs: 

This is the last step but absolutely not the least one in the process of increasing user app engagements and customer retention where you need to add special kinds of URLs to send your users to the specific part of the app. This means your users will not be required to open the app and check a particular page instead they can click on the link and open the relevant page of the app. This will also help you in improving your users’ engagements. Here you can easily deliver these specific links on your users personal devices via react native push notifications. 


Here with the above given seven steps for boosting your iOS & Android app engagements, now you are absolutely ready to take the appropriate actions which are definitely required to accomplish your predefined target. But before you rush to implement all these seven steps, here we would like to remind you that your initial requirement still will be creating a powerful as well as high quality mobile app. Because if you are carrying a slow bug-ridden mobile app then there are no tricks available in this whole world that can save your app. 

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