A Comprehensive Guide to the IR Sauna

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Thanks to light panels, IR saunas come with a unique glow. Compared to traditional saunas, the infrared ones heat things differently. 

The lamps designed in an infrared sauna ensure a perforating warmth on the skin to leverage heat therapy. The air temperature cranks when you opt for a traditional method within an entire sauna. 

These two approaches, traditional and IR saunas, come with significantly different thermometer readings. Regarding IR saunas, the temperature ranges between 43.33°C and 57.22°C. Comparatively, a traditional sauna falls under the temperature range of 65.55°C and 90.55°C. 

So, IR saunas can undoubtedly provide more comfort to people while ensuring the same benefits. 

Health Benefits of the IR Sauna

Here are a few health benefits the IR sauna offers: 

Enhanced Cardiac Health

After a few minutes in an infrared sauna, your body’s natural response will start working. First, you’ll notice drops of sweat starting to show up on your skin. Eventually, you’ll experience an increase in blood flow, and your blood vessels will broaden. Plus, your heart rate increases too. 

Recent studies revealed that IR saunas are widely beneficial in boosting cardiac health and lowering blood pressure. Researchers compared the biological response of a good IR sauna session to a walking session at a moderate pace. 

Relaxes Sore Muscles 

The enhanced blood circulation in your body due to an intense IR sauna session can enable a speedy recovery of your sore muscles caused by any physical activity. It helps many athletes enhance their overall performance. 

Pain Relief 

Studies found that IR sauna therapy can show noticeable results in treating chronic pain. The effects of infrared sauna were followed in a two-year study, which concluded that it enhanced the outcomes of the pain relief treatment. 


By warming your body, you refresh and warm the soul too. If you go to the gym, you must set aside some time for sauna therapy. It will help you decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Typically, it would help to consider a sauna more like a meditation session, only in higher temperatures.  

Combating Illness 

Studies have shown that typical sauna therapy helps avoid the common cold. Furthermore, IR saunas help decrease oxidative stress related to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and degenerative diseases.

Want To Use IR Saunas? Here Are Some Recommendations 

  • Begin Low & Slow: Lower the temperature and ensure the session is short when you start using the IR sauna. The best recommendation would be, to begin with, 110° for 5-10 minutes. Observe how it makes you feel and build up from there. 
  • Maximum Time: No matter how experienced you are with the sauna, try to keep each session below 30 minutes. If not, you’ll end up putting extra stress on your body. Opt for infrared sauna sessions only 3-4 times a week. 
  • Stay Hydrated: The sweat you excrete during the sauna can lower your body’s fluid levels. The best advice is to bring water inside with you. Another good option would be to bring sports drinks made of electrolytes. 
  • Rinse Off Later: Once you take a shower after the sauna session, you’ll wash and get rid of all the sweated toxins. However, take a shower right after the sauna session before it gets reabsorbed by your skin. 

Final Words

So, with this guide, you must know how crucial an IR sauna is and what health benefits it offers. If you’re a gym enthusiast, you should opt for at least 2-3 IR sauna therapy sessions weekly. So, get the most out of the sauna from today!


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