Amazon Music Futures for Artists

Amazon Music Futures for Artists

Dealing with Amazon Music statistics is necessary for building a proper promo campaign on Amazon Prime Music. With its new application, Amazon Music for Musicians, you can see your stats, playlists, and artist performances on Amazon Music. Changing your Amazon Music account picture, changing your account status, submitting your music for consideration by the editorial team, and more are all covered in the parts that follow. In addition, we’ll go through the platform’s features with you.

The online music store and streaming service, called Amazon Music, is owned and operated by Amazon (formerly known as Amazon MP3). There are more than 40 million albums in HD Quality and Extremely High Resolution available on Amazon Music, which was launched in September 2019. Amazon Music also offers a wide range of playlists, making it easy to promote and discover new artists.

How do you request your account status on Amazon Music?

You can request details regarding your profile by using the application or going to the website directly.

Is there a way to take ownership of your Amazon Music profile?

In the process of taking ownership, it is important to know that, your request will be placed on hold, and you’ll get an email from Amazon Music. This will let you know that they received it. After a few days, they’ll let you know whether access is granted or if you need to provide further information.

What information is available to musicians on Amazon Music?

There are 5 tabs in all for this.

  • Outline
  • Music
  • Followers
  • Voice request
  • Structure and design


As you would anticipate, the overview page provides you with a summary of your downloads, followers, top album, and tracks. It also entails your source of streams and tracks you’ve been featured on.


By counting streams, you may discover your favorite songs. Additionally, you may narrow results based on a certain period.


You may learn more about the characteristics of your followers by visiting the fans’ page. You will be able to find out more about your followers via this, as well as their geographical locations.

Voice request

There is an Alexa connection here. The application not only displays the overall percentage of voice requests made for each artist, but it also provides information on the numerous ways that users ask for music by musician, opening track or single, or lyrics. You could say something like, “Alexa, play Scream by Michael Jackson,” and it starts to play it immediately.

Structure and design

The structure and design otherwise known as the programming page is unique, you can check which of your music or songs have been played on this page. In addition to this, you can also check what radio channels are playing your music.

Are there any ways to change your profile picture and background on Amazon Music?

Yes, it takes just two steps to change your profile picture and background on Amazon Music. First, you will have to go to the tools and profile button, and then you will enter your profile. After this is done, you can change your profile picture and backdrop.

This article highlighted several features of Amazon Music for musicians.

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