Benefit of Having Luxury House in Beverly Hills

Benefit of Having Luxury House in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury and style. It has garnered the admiration of the world’s elite and many of the top names from different industries opt to get a piece of this elite’s paradise. One may argue that there are other upscale locations not just in the United States but in other countries as well. So what makes the affluent and elite want to have a luxury house in Beverly Hills?

  1. The Beautiful Landscape

Beverly Hills is a picturesque place to live in. This real estate is surrounded by exquisitely manicured landscaping said to be the best in the whole of Los Angeles. With its beautiful winding streets lined with palm trees and rolling hills covered with well-maintained green grass, the place is said to resemble an exotic tropical oasis. Many agree that this is a special characteristic unique to this area.

  1. Exclusivity

It is said that owning a property in Beverly Hills is an ultimate expression of one’s success and wealth. It speaks a lot about your social status since owning one is reserved only for the affluent one. This makes it a desirable place to live knowing that you will be living amongst the celebrities as well as be part of such an exclusive community where the best and brightest in the society reside.

  1. Lifestyle

Having wealth and success is one thing but being able to live a lifestyle that is both refined and elite is another. The Beverly Hills lifestyle is one of such. The residents of this place have exclusive and desirable gated properties, drive the best and latest car models, and participate in activities reserved to the rich and famous.

The high profile and elite clientele can be seen shopping in the local luxury shopping place, dining in exclusive restaurants, or frequenting the five star hotels.

  1. Shopping

Rodeo Drive, the local luxury shopping area, is home to over a hundred luxury brands from the world’s most renowned and sought after designer labels. The best designer jewelries, clothes, cars, and all other luxury items can be found in Beverly Hills.

  1. Dining Experience

One of the perks of being part of this exclusive community is that you have easy access to best culinary experience money has to offer. After all, luxury is not just having and owning expensive designer things but also includes experiencing a decadent gastronomic experience.

  1. Sunny Weather

The place boasts of having 326 days of sunshine per year. This means that no matter what time of the year, you will be greeted by sunny weather to accompany you as you go around the city during day time and even get to enjoy a pleasant cool evening after sundown.

  1. Proximity

Beverly Hills is a stone’s throw away from mountains and the beaches. This means that for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature, they don’t really have to go that far. In addition, a weekend excursion to neighboring cities like San Francisco or San Diego is both a short drive away. You can even visit Palm Springs if you prefer a spa weekend to release those tension and become rejuvenated ready for the coming week.

In addition, Beverly Hills is near iconic places and one of them is undoubtedly Hollywood.

  1. Real Estate Value

Beverly Hills has the grandest, most exquisite, and even most expansive homes in the country, or even perhaps the world. When different financial crises occurred globally, the valuation of a luxury house in Beverly Hills remained stable. In fact, as the world faces the recent pandemic, the real estate business in this area remains steadfast. The value of properties in this place continues to rise. In addition, as huge stars or celebrities own a certain home, the resell value also increases owing to the popularity of the previous owner. The allure of seeing celebrities as you simply stroll through the area or even owning a home previously owned by one can be quite an added value.

  1. Schools

One of the things the wealthy can afford and would definitely want for their children is the best type of education. Beverly Hills is home to the best schools that provide quality education. For one, the Beverly Hills School District is known to be the national leader in providing high quality schooling and this is reflected with their students consistently getting above average scores in standardized tests. For those who wish to become a distinguished performer, the Beverly Hills High School’s Performing Arts Department is known to produce top notch theatrical and musical productions.

  1. Privacy

With a clientele that includes the rich and famous, it is not surprising that the real estate developers for Beverly Hills have privacy in mind when designing the place. Many estates can be seen with private gated entrances and mature landscaping that is meant to block tourists and even the paparazzi.  


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