Biography of Alika Smekhova

Alika, whose name originally sounded like Alla, was born in the capital’s family of an actor and journalist. The atmosphere in the Smekhovs’ house was always creative, interesting people came, told exciting stories, so it is not surprising that the older sister Elena became a writer, and the younger Alika became an actress.

Alika grew up sociable and inquisitive, studied well at general education and music schools, and attended the theater studio with pleasure. She did not allow any concessions for herself in connection with the stardom of her father. She did not shy away from subbotniks, summer practice and class trips for potatoes. And in later life, she preferred to achieve everything herself. Moreover, when the girl was 14 years old, father Veniamin Borisovich fell in love with a woman friend and left the family. Of course, the household members were very offended by him. It was especially hard for his mother Addie Andrews to survive his departure. Alika did not want to communicate with him until adulthood.

Having received a certificate of maturity, Smekhova Jr. independently entered GITIS and successfully graduated in 1991. Moreover, she studied not as a dramatic actress, but as a musical theater actress. She naturally had a good voice, set by teachers at a music school.

Smekhova had a firm intention to make a career as a pop singer, which she did tightly, recording a total of four albums. In the 90s, the compositions of the actress sounded on the radio and appeared on television, some clips were shot. But, unfortunately, hits from the musical creativity of the artist did not grow like that. In 1999, she abandoned this idea and began to engage in a more familiar business for her – to act in films. Alika had rich experience in this area of ​​art. At the age of nine, she made her debut in Yeralash and starred in a dozen films before graduating from a theater university. Of course, not all roles were the main ones, but all were bright. The talent of the young actress was obvious. To date, the collection of the actress has more than fifty film roles, in some she embodies the image of the singer.

The most striking and memorable Alika appeared in the TV series “Balzac Age, or All Men Are Theirs …”, after the release of which the actress began to be invited, in addition to cinema and television, as a participant, presenter and even a member of the jury. In addition, Smekhova takes part in entrepreneurial theater projects.

Interesting Facts

  • The role of Sophia Babitskaya in “Balzac’s age …” went to Smekhova through pull. She did not go through castings, but got into the series at the invitation of the NTV director general. He went to the same school with her.

Personal life of Alika Smekhova

The first time the actress married at the age of 17 for director Sergei Livnev. Six years later, the marriage broke up due to the fact that the husband did not want to have children, and Alika, on the contrary, dreamed of them.
The second husband of the actress was an oriental man Georgy Bedzhamov, whose marriage quickly broke up due to opposing views on life.

With a third husband, a businessman named Nikolai, Alika got married when she found out about her first pregnancy. But even the daughter Kendra Karter, who was born in 2000, did not save the family from divorce.

In 2007, the actress had a second son, Makar, whom his mother left without a middle name. The fact is that after learning about the pregnancy of his mistress, the man ran away. And now Smekhova categorically does not want to remember his name.
Sons, who bear the name of the mother, the actress brings up herself, besides, they have grandparents.


  • 1996 – I’m waiting for you
  • 1997 – Someone else’s kiss
  • 1999 – Wild Duck
  • 2002 – For you


  • 2009 – A and B were sitting on a pipe

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