Can Astrology Improve Your After-Marriage Life?


Nowadays, people all over the world face a lot of different kinds of issues in their marriage. It can be due to poor communication, lack of trust, illicit affairs, or due to environmental stressors like financial problems, unemployment, etc. As a result, a lot of them turn to astrology to look into their marriage from a different perspective, examine why their problems are taking place and how they can best improve their after-marriage life.

In this article, we would be discussing some of the ways astrology can be helpful in improving your after-marriage life.

Most common issues faced by couples and how they can be fixed

According to astrologers, the main reasons why problems arise between couples are the lack of open communication and lack of mutual respect. When the spouses do not feel the need to openly communicate their needs, it leads to conflicts and discord in their married lives. Other reasons can include, financial instability, the difference in views, interfering in-laws, societal expectations, etc. 

Some people think divorce is the only answer to these issues. However, if the couple is willing to give their relationship a fresh start or a new chance, they could always consider consulting a good astrologer who can allow them to see their marriage from a new perspective and find ways to solve their problems.

Why should you consider astrology to solve your marriage problems?

A poor marriage can have several negative impacts on not only the individuals but also their children. Discord and disharmony in marriage can affect your karma as well. Additionally, astrological studies have shown that it has a direct relation with your career too.

Hence, according to astrologers, it is extremely necessary to compare the kundlis of the couple before marriage. Moreover, you shouldn’t just do the ‘Gun Milan (matching the qualities of the bride and groom to be) but also an extensive Vedic Milan. This can allow you to get a better insight into your marriage if you both are compatible in terms of thoughts, ideas, financial goals, how much respect you have for one another, view on familial values, and lastly, how long can the marriage last.

How can astrology save your marriage from falling apart?

According to astrological experts, emphasis is not put on comprehensive rituals but on fixing your karmas. Furthermore, the most important thing that can save your marriage from falling apart, according to astrology, is to enhance the relationship between the spouses. It is highly recommended you consult an Astro-marriage professional who can give you an in-depth explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of improving your marriage life. Lastly, astrology says that the ultimate key to a happy marriage is to ensure that there is a high degree of compatibility between the husband and the wife.

In addition to this, there is another way astrology can help you sustain your marriage. It can help predict the impacts on your life if you are sacrificing your happiness in your marital life. If you end up sacrificing more than required to save your relationship, it can have adverse effects on the other aspects of your life. For example, your professional life might bear a loss. So, it is necessary to strike a proper balance between the two and move forward in life. 

What can be the potential consequences of not visiting an astrologer before marriage?

If you don’t get your extensive Vedic Milan done, then you may face several issues in your marriage in the later years of your marital life. There might be incongruence in your beliefs, values, and ideas. You might have trouble communicating your needs to the other person and as a result, you might find yourself wishing your spouse for change. This can also lead to negative effects on the children, their belief in the institution of marriage would waver, and their views on a married life would be affected. 

These problems can be solved by gaining a deeper understanding of the astrology involved in relationships, children, finances, and health. Visiting your astrologer for regular sessions can end up saving your marriage and generating good karma. These sessions could provide you with the means and effective solutions that you can implement in your married life to enhance your relationship with your spouse and live a happy married life. 

Final word

As you can see, consulting a marriage astrologer can improve your chances of improving your relations with your partner, to a large extent. It can help in gaining a deeper understanding of your partner and the capacity to solve your marital discords and save your marriage. So, if you are skeptical about visiting an astrologer to seek advice, we highly recommend you put your doubts aside and give it a chance as you might not regret it.

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