Choosing the right Paint Colours for Your Home

Your Home

Choosing a paint colour for your walls can seem to be quite challenging especially if you have ever tried spending hours rolling a paint onto the walls, just to realise that it isn’t the colour that you are looking for. 

It is important for you to choose the right paint colour as the shade of paint that you select can highly impact the overall aesthetic of your house. A right shade of paint can make a small room look bigger while a large room look more intimate. A paint can not only enlighten a dark room but also has the potential to warm a chilly north facing room. 

A little paint and a creative mind can change the overall look and feel of the rooms. So, choose your colours wisely that will make you feel more relaxed and the walls at your place look more trendy.  

 Then how can you choose the best paint colour for your walls like a pro? Well, we are here to solve your problem by enlisting some of the most essential tips that might help you choose the paint colour according to your preferences. 

  • Don’t choose the paint colour first:

Well, in some cases it might be beneficial for you to choose the paint colour as a painted wall can make up a lot of the décor space in your home. But choosing the colours according to the décor pieces than selecting the décor according to the chosen paint colour can turn out to be an easy job. 

  • Use a piece for inspiration:

Well, you can use a piece as inspiration to draw your colours from, just in case you don’t plan to choose your paint colour first. The best hack to opt for a paint colour is by having a look at the colours around you in that particular space such as a multi-coloured sofa, a bedspread, a piece of art or a fabric that you love using. 

  • Opt for neutral tones for your walls:

While there are a lot of people who would want to use bold and beautiful pop of shades for their walls, there are still many who consider going for neutral tones and keeping the bold shades for the accessories as:

  • Having neutral walls can turn the entire attention on the décor and furniture which might be something that you would want.
  • You can easily change the accent pieces if you don’t like the colours anymore.
  • Medium toned neutral walls works best for families as they can easily hide scuffs and dirt.

  • Understand the undertones:

Well, the reason why your walls might not turn out the way you wanted them to be is because all the colours are created from other colours and either have a warm or a cool undertone.

While a warm paint colour will have a warm colour base colour or undertone such as yellow or red, a cool toned walls would be having colour undertone shades such as blue, green or grey. 

  • Use the largest test swatch possible and test at home with accurate lighting:

Pick from some of the largest paint swatches that the house painters in Sydney offers and bring them home after you have chosen some of the paint colours. You may even get sample sized testers to paint them on the bristle boards in order to easily move them around your space. 

Place the large samples at different times of the day in various sorts of lighting and in different parts of the room. 

Check them next to the couch and the rug as the lighting would affect how the paint colour would appear in your home and can even make the same colour look different in some other room. 

So, the larger the swatch, the better it would be for you to decide the paint colour according to the area on which it has to be applied. 

  • Choosing the right paint type-paint sheen:

Sheen is one of the greatest aspect that will affect how your paint colour might appear. Generally, a higher sheen paint colour would make it easier for you to clean the walls while it might reflect greater amount of imperfections. Hence, you must wisely consider the sheen based on what your needs are. 

Given below are some of the paint sheen options that you can choose from:

  • Gloss: however, it might make it easier for you to clean and wipe the walls, it is still very shine for the walls. So, you can consider to choose this finish for the cabinets and baseboards.
  • Semi-gloss: this provides less shine and could be easily cleaned however, it is not considered to be appropriate for walls in large spaces. 
  • Satin finish: this finish is best suited for walls having higher traffic like hallways and kids room and even bathrooms. 
  • Flat or matte: best in rooms where the walls would be rarely touched such as master bedrooms. 

  • Create a whole home colour palette:

Well, if you desire to have a cohesive flow in your rooms with avoiding a similar paint in every room with no plan at all, then you must have a whole home colour palette. A whole home colour palette would not only provide you guidelines for the overall colour in your home but would also give the creativity through which you can use these colours in different ways.

Hence, choosing the best paint colours for your home can make a significant amount of impact on the overall aesthetics of your room. Therefore, we at SYDNEY WIDE PAINTERS know exactly how to turn your space into canvas and paint it in the colours of your choice. 


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