Claims Administrator and His/Her Role and Responsibilities

Claims Administrator

Victims or affected individuals can reap several benefits from class-action lawsuits. It allows a large group of similarly impacted people to unite and file a lawsuit against a specific company or organization. This offers the strength in number for the victims harmed by large businesses and corporations with huge power and reach. In such cases, a class action claims administrator plays a huge role. The claims administrator has a huge role to play in the class-action process.

Who is a claims administrator?

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of their tasks and duties, and how they can impact the claim process. A claims administration is referred to as the third-party, neutral official who has to comply with the requirements and needs as outlined in the Court and approved by the Stipulation of Settlement. The claims administrator needs to administer his/her responsibility from beginning to the end as mentioned and approved.

Insurance claim administrative tasks

The claim administrators have the responsibility to perform every administrative task associated with insurance claims. He/she must interact and collaborate with insurance companies and analyze the claims and also evaluate the extent of the organization’s liabilities. In addition, he/she needs to review the billing and other process claims correctly. This helps to identify the information of the provider and other documentation for faster and prompt payouts to the victims.

Handling compensation files

Claim administrators also have the responsibility to maintain and manage the compensation files of all the individuals claiming for the Class Action lawsuit. They are advised by the Court to carry out preliminary investigations on work-associated injuries and others. The investigation helps the professionals to determine the compensation claims for the victims and initiate the needs and requirements at the earliest.

When do people file a Class Action lawsuit?

Class Action lawsuits can provide a small claim more opportunities when merged with other similarly affected victims. A Class Action lawsuit can be filed for a plethora of reasons like:

  • False advertising
  • Illegal business
  • Wrong medication
  • Non-compliance
  • Contract breach
  • Discrimination among employees

Handling such lawsuits can be tedious and challenging, especially for those who don’t have any idea about Class Action claims and the processes. Depending on the lawsuits and circumstances, a class action claims administrator will weigh both parties and on a thorough investigation will give a conclusion.

Responsibilities of a claims administrator

Some of the tasks and responsibilities of a Class Action claims administrator are:

  • Using guidelines, investigating, adjudicating, and reviewing medical claims
  • Conducting reviews of large claims using different TPAs.
  • Understanding the different medical claims coding guidelines and regulations.
  • Implementing HIPPA regulations and also abiding by the patient privacy policy.
  • Research scanned documents to make sure that the correct codes are used.
  • Ensuring the audit claims and the processes are correct.
  • Maintaining communication and interaction with personnel from different departments.
  • Coordinating emergency response efforts by interacting with insurance companies.


A class action claims administrator plays a critical role in an insurance claims litigation. He/she must perform administrative roles and tasks associated with insurance claims. The administrator must collaborate with an insurance company and determine the claims and ensure faster payouts.

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