Concrete Driveway Construction Ideas and Benefits

Concrete Driveway Construction Ideas and Benefits

Concrete driveway construction has gained a lot of popularity over other paving materials such as asphalt or bitumen in the past couple of years. The wide range of decorative options offered by concrete driveways also known as cement driveways have made them quite unique as compared to other methods of construction.

Also, building and pouring a concrete driveway made of cement is considered to be quite an easy job. However, working with concrete on a small scale might be easy but it can be really difficult for you to construct an entire driveway. 

Even though, you can create an appealing concrete driveway yourself, there are still certain things that need to be considered while planning and preparation. Therefore, it is advisable for you to go for a professional commercial concrete contractor in Melbourne who would have the required expertise in providing you a safe and a unique driveway by fulfilling all the construction requirements. 

Given below are some of the ways through which you can establish an amazing concrete driveway: 

The constructor must properly follow the procedure to create a concrete driveway in order to achieve the desired quality, finish and durability. The performance and the appearance of the concrete driveway depends heavily on the quality of workmanship and the types of material used for construction. 

Here are the steps required to be followed for the construction of a concrete driveway: 

  • Proper subgrade preparation:

It is essential for you to prepare the subgrade in order to maintain the uniformity in the soil composition and compaction. This provides support to the driveways to withstand the heavy amount of loads. This helps to make sure that:

  • The slabs have even amount of thickness.
  • Helps to prevent any cracks in the slabs. 
  • The slab thickness is uniform.

Moreover, in case you find any soft spots areas during preparation, then you must replace the soil with a good material like crushed rock or gravel. You must also hire a geotechnical engineer to get an understanding about the soil properties of the site that is under construction. 

  • Selection of proper concrete mix:

Well, if you want to achieve a uniform concrete mix, then it is advisable for you to go for a ready mix concrete for the construction of concrete driveways. Also, the usage of a correct concrete mix would help to prevent any random cracking problems. 

Here are some of the essential requirements:

  • You may use an air entrained concrete as it increases the durability of the concrete.
  • The aggregates that are used in the concrete driveways mainly focus on the coarse aggregates where the size c=varies from ¾ to 1.
  • High performance concrete works the best in situations where the driveways are subjected to heavy traffic, high freezing conditions and exposure to chemical exposures. 

  • Proper finishing of concrete driveways:

Overworking or the over bleeding of water on the surface due to operations can lead to a lot of problems. Hence, special care must be given to the finishing process during the construction of concrete driveways. Here are some steps that are taken into consideration during the finishing process:

  • Excess concrete is removed with a screed in order to obtain a uniform surface. 
  • The accumulation of bleeding water is prevented by the means of magnesium bullfoat or a wood. 
  • It is advisable for you to go for a broom finish if you don’t have a plan to go for a smooth or a decorative finish. 

Benefits of having a concrete driveway construction:

  • Quality construction: 

An appealing and well maintained driveway would always create a positive first impression among the visitors. The concrete in such cases provides an appealing touch to the driveways. It makes the driveway look more clean and professional.

  • Durability:

A well maintained and constructed driveways tend to survive for years. Hence, a superior quality structural material such as concrete can prove to quite beneficial as it can carry heavy traffic loads, daily wear and tear and other climatic exposures. 

  • Offers high versatility: 

Concrete driveways have proven to be quite beneficial in any landscape design or building projects. Concrete is appropriate for both residential and commercial use. This has been quite useful in enhancing the appearance of the driveways. It also offers a huge variety of designs and installation technique that has made concrete highly versatile. 

  • Construction and maintenance cost:

The costs here are calculated in terms of maintenance and construction cost. Even though, concrete driveway construction involves some high initial cost but it is still considered to be cost effective due to its zero maintenance costs. It brings considerable cost savings in the long run as the concrete driveways can survive for 20-25 years given that it is well constructed. 

So, whether you are willing to sell your property or want to enhance the appeal of your homes, you would have to install a driveway which requires you to hire a professional concrete driveway contractor to ensure that the task is performed efficiently. Hence, we at Roadseal Civil are the go to contractors with over 25 years of experience within civil and commercial sectors that promises to turn your driveways as an elegant entrance to your place.

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