Costs to Hire a Removalist in Perth

Costs to Hire a Removalist in Perth

A removalist is a company that will handle getting all of your possessions from point A to point B.  They will pack and unpack your household items. Hiring them will make your move easier and quicker.  The question is what are removalist prices in Perth?  There are no set prices as the cost will depend on a variety of factors, which include: hir

  • Size of your move—this includes how many boxes you have to move, and how many heavy items such as beds, appliances, televisions, etc.  Having an idea of these things will help you get a better estimate of the cost.  This will help the company to know the size of the truck and the number of removalists that will be needed.
  • How far you will be moving also factors into the cost.  The father you are moving from your old home to the new home, the more it will cost.
  • The quality of service you get will also determine the cost.  If you hire a company that will just put stuff in boxes and then in the truck with minimum protective wrapping or packing, they will be cheaper but your stuff could be damaged or broken in the move.  It will be more expensive if you hire a company that packs your stuff carefully and protects breakables, but there is less chance of damage to your household goods.

One example of removable prices in Perth is for a large three-bedroom home.  The company figures on average, it will take five hours so if they charge $245 an hour, the cost would be $1,225.  Typically, a removalist company will use one of two different pricing structures.  They will either do a time-based rate or a flat rate.

Time-based rate

With a time-based rate, the company will either charge by the hour or half-hour.  One benefit of this rate is that it can keep the cost low if your move goes quicker than expected, you can save move.  The downside is that if the move takes longer, you will pay more.  With this rate, it is hard to budget the cost into your moving fund. 

Flat based rate

With this rate, they will give you a quote so you will know exactly what it is going to cost.  This is the better way as you will know just how much to budget for moving.  It also takes the pressure off the company to perform the move within a tight time frame.

To help you estimate your removalist cost, you can try to estimate how many boxes you will need, but this can be hard because you don’t want to underestimate it.  You also need to figure out how many heavy things you have.  When you call a removalist company, be sure you have the address of where you are moving from and moving to so they have an idea of the distance.


Hiring a removalist company can be a little more expensive but they will make your move easier and less stressful so it might be worth the extra expense.

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