Creative Team Meeting Ideas To Keep Employees Engaged And Motivated

Creative Team Meeting Ideas

During your next team meeting, do something different than what you’ve done in the past. Energize your group with a unique and engaging activity.

If your team meetings tend to be the same old, same old, then here is a list of the greatest ideas to spice things up. Now is the time to make your next team gathering truly unforgettable.

Fun Ways to Start a Meeting

Get the meeting started excitingly. This is the easiest way to get a lively, involved crowd for an entire period of your presentation. The way you begin your meeting with your group sets the stage for the remainder of your time there, so provide the same enthusiasm you expect from your audience. What follows are some simple and entertaining ways to kick off a meeting.

An Awards Ceremony

Give your team the appreciation they deserve. Instead of the typical employee of the month recognition, offer people serious and silly superlatives.

You may obtain personalized plaques and trophies online at a low cost, or you can hand away basic, printable certificates with prizes like gift vouchers to local coffee places or trendy lunchtime locations. This is one of the most considerate staff meeting concepts for team members whose major love language is getting presents.

Themed Shindigs

Consider hosting a themed event if you want to wow your coworkers at the next team meeting. Whether your company is looking to bond in preparation for the holidays or is simply excited by the prospect of throwing a throwback bash, a 1980s-themed party can be great fun for everyone involved.

Take a straw vote to see what type of virtual party your coworkers would enjoy, then use that information to inspire some spectacular ideas. You may go low-key or give your colleagues a package of decorations, food, and beverages to make the event come to life, and it will work for in-person and online gatherings at their l shape desks at home.

Best Backdrop Competition

Have some lighthearted competition at the beginning of your next staff meeting by holding a contest to see who has the best background. Our backdrops at remote work are typically simply blank walls or a shelf with our favorite books, but this presents an opportunity for folks to vary things up and try something new.

Inform the members of your team about the next meeting, and urge them to spruce up their work stations in preparation for it. They have the option of creating a very exciting impact by either decorating their actual backdrop or using a virtual background.


Everyone should take a piece of paper, write the word “Listening!” on it, and keep it on their desk. Put the “Listening!” sign in front of your webcam if you get the impression that the audience is not paying any attention. The person who is the last to put their sign up is “it” and has to respond to a question about them or another challenge that you choose! Not only will it attract people’s attention, but it will also make them chuckle.


Choose a word representing the day’s topic at the beginning of each meeting, such as “eggplant.” Compete with your colleagues to see who can use this term in a sentence without drawing attention: “I honestly think that if we eggplant the system with a little additional expenditure, everything would operate a lot quicker.” Shout out “word of the day!” if you hear anybody using the expression. (As a bonus, it may also help the team remain more attentive to what is being stated.)

Costume Day

Try Crazy Hair Day, Sunglasses Day, Fancy Hat Day, or Black Tie Day. Choose a humorous dress code for your next meeting, and be ready for some good chuckles! A helpful hint: If you want to surprise your colleagues, show up to a random video chat dressed in costume.

Office Never-Have-I-Ever

This traditional game played at parties may become a fantastic tool for eliciting laughter among your virtual workforce with only a few minor adjustments. Have You Ever is a game that is easy to learn, even if you have never played it. One member addresses the group and asks, “Have any of you ever pretended that there was a problem with your connection so that you could get off a conference call?” Everyone who has completed that task must raise their hand in front of their camera.

There are more ideas to explore.

That’s what we’re hoping for, anyhow! Put your imagination to use in the world. As a group, you should now be able to generate ideas at an unprecedented rate thanks to your use of these methods. You may have fresh suggestions for meetings of various kinds; if so, please share them with us.

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