Crypto Trading Bots: Beginners Guide

Unlike Forex, cryptocurrency markets run 24 hours a day, making it practically impossible for human traders to keep track and monitor all necessary parameters seven days a week, all year round. That, coupled with the volatility of cryptocurrency markets, demands assistance to be able to reliably, securely, and carefully observe and make decisions based on a given trading strategy. Bots act as automated humans to operate trades on behalf of humans but are more efficiently guided by preset protocols and devoid of failure due to exhaustion. Nevertheless, as is in any market, there are working and fake cryptocurrency trading bots in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to know how they work to make a futuristic decision on the services to opt for.

How Trading Bots are supposed to Work

Before opting for trading bots, a user must have a crypto exchange platform account. The next step is to look for the most reputable bots to use. It can be achieved with a bit of internet research. A simple way for the top five trading bots will yield verifiable results using reliable sources. After identifying, in this case, a reliable trading bot like Bitcoin Fast, the next step is to link the bot to the exchange platform account using the Application Program Interface as per guidelines. 

After the connection, the next step is to create trading presets or parameters or configurations on the trading bot. After that, the bot observes real-time information, analyzes it on the user’s behalf using presets, and provides expected insights. In some instances, the presets are enough to allow the trading bot to conduct trades with a special low error allowance, without the effect of emotions, and with speed. In a nutshell, the bot collects a lot of data on the crypto markets, generates signals based on set parameters, calculates risk, and executes the proper order.

How to Evaluate A Trading Bot

To verify whether the trading bot chosen via internet searches is the right one, the app is evaluated using the following parameters;

  • Trading Attitude

As it is widely known, most traders make regretful trading decisions for making emotional considerations. Bots are supposed to execute orders based on statistical insights and not emotions. The world of crypto is even worse. A lot of viral information is speculative or based on some influential individual’s emotions towards the market. Intelligent traders go around the problem by deploying trading bots. Bots like Bitcoin Fast operate purely based on analyzed data and preset conditions. Information is gathered in real-time, making highly updated, relevant, and accurate decisions. Speculative information and human emotions are not part of the considerations when trading with bots, eliminating most volatility issues in the cryptocurrency markets.


  • Technical Performance

Another essential feature of the right trading bot is trading efficiency, speed, and accuracy of risk calculations. A well-programmed trading bot like Bitcoin Fast considers algorithmic and hardware requirements to process large amounts of data and make accurate predictions at lightning speed. It incorporates state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to enable the program to learn from real-time data and improve trading strategies.

How to Avoid Fake Crypto Trading Bots

One thing to acknowledge is like any other market; the crypto trading bots market is also affected by the issue of fake products. Most of the bots available today are made by people with intentions to make a quick wealth at the expense of desperate traders. Impossible promises entice new entrants and great user offers. Once they are in, they are abandoned to discover just what they got themselves into. Legit applications like Bitcoin Fast are developed by renowned entities and registered with relevant authorities. A little dig into the background is a big step for a trader to verify a trading bot’s legitimacy and avoid being trapped by fake ones.

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