CUET Study Plan with top 10 Preparation tips


National level entrance exams are not so easy to clear because of the tough competition. CUET is the most popular CUET exam; millions of applicants appear for the exam. As a student, you need to aim to score much better with a higher weightage or percent to get admission to top universities. When you acquire a good and competitive level of percent in the entrance exam, you will get a chance to get numerous college options for admission. 

The student himself can fulfil their dream of studying at a reputed college with the proper study plan. Hence, the student needs to make strategies to prepare for the CUET exam, which will allow them to access the best universities. Here is the preparation guide for the students to follow.

Tips To Crack CUET Exam

As an aspiring candidate for the CUET exam, you need to study about the exam initially and then for the subject preparation. Planning a study schedule is very important to crack the exam. Here are the preparation tips to follow to score a good percentage in the national exam.

  • Understand The Exam Plan and Structure

In the CUET exam pattern, all the courses contain multiple-choice questions that the students must finish within two hours. The paper is divided into 40 Questions from the languages, 40 Questions from Domain-Specific, and 60 Questions from General tests. 

The students to examine their capability to solve the questions. Should have to prepare themselves to give equal duration to each section while preparing for the exam. If you practice daily MCQ questions, then it will speed up your flow to solving the questions.

  • Focus On the Syllabus

You only need to prepare from the syllabus issued by NTA for the CUET exam. Ensure about the topics covered in each question section, such as the topics and fundamentals listed in general domain-specific and language. Once you have got the syllabus, don’t go out of the track during preparation and follow up on the syllabus regularly. Make sure that you are covering each topic in detail. Tick or circle the topics you covered to get an idea of what to prepare next.

  • Prepare A Schedule Time Table

Preparing a scheduled timetable and following it until the exam date is necessary. The timetable must be prepared based on the syllabus and ensure that you are covering the scheduled topic on a daily basis and not skipping any of them. Focus more on the major topics by giving them maximum time.

  • Prepare From Previous Years’ Question Papers

Students appearing for the CUET exam are advised to prepare from the previous year’s question paper. Try to solve each of the papers on a daily basis. It becomes even better when you revise the previous year’s questions repeatedly. This will let you know the important questions and topics frequently asked most of the time. 

  • Appear The Mock Test And Sample Papers

Once you complete the syllabus, don’t forget to appear for the mock test and solve the sample papers daily. When you solve the mock tests for CUET, you can examine yourself and know the number of questions you can cover within two hours. The sample papers are similar to the question pattern of the CUET exam. You will get additional ideas about the major topics.

  • Go Through the Necessary References

Don’t get to single book for the preparation. Prepare from multiple books. Prefer at least two books for each subject. Based on the preferred stream you applied for the exam, go through multiple books for domain-specific. This will help you to get additional knowledge on the subject.

  • Revise Major Topics Multiple Times

When you complete the syllabus, don’t stop revising. Multiple revision is necessary to crack the CUET exam. Especially for the major topics, you need to go through them 3 to 4 times. Make enough time and complete the entire syllabus within the estimated date so that you will get a chance to revise it multiple times.

  • Don’t Delay the Preparation

Students usually delay their preparation due to their 12th board exams. You need to manage the time and give both of them equal preparation time. As the subjects you prepare are mostly similar in both exams, it’s no harm to prepare during the boards. Yes, you can give more time to your school curriculum, and once the board exams are over, you can pay your entire focus on the CUET exam.

  • Stay Calm During the Exam Days

Don’t make yourself more pressurized or tensed with the subjects. Try to deal with it smoothly. Especially when the exam day is nearby, don’t pressure your mind and mingle up the subjects. Just be calm and revise the topics one after another.

  •  Move With the Flow Of Preparation

Students usually get distracted and stop their preparation in the middle, and they try to prepare hard in the last days of the exam. This habit will not let you crack a national-level exam test like CUET. You need to keep up the flow and never get out of the track of preparation.

These preparation tips and the guide for the study plan will help the student to crack CUET if they follow them while preparing. 

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