Customized Canopy Tent Maintenance – 4 Vital Steps Tent Owners Must Take

Custom canopy tents are expensive – especially if you’re a small business owner with a limited marketing budget. Canopy tent owners don’t even have the option to repair the damages in their tents. Only specific components of canopy tents are “repairable.” Plus, these canopy tent repairs are not long-lasting.

That’s why tent owners prefer getting replacements every time there’s something wrong with their tents. However, keeping your customized canopy tent in decent condition is not too hard. With the right tent maintenance strategy, owners can protect their investments and avoid constant repair requirements.

Here are four vital canopy tent maintenance strategies –

  1. Keep an Eye on Sun Damage

Modern-day canopy tents are made of durable, waterproof, and anti-sun fabrics. Still, sun rot and UV damage are inevitable if you use your canopy tents outdoors for extensive periods. Many marketers set up their tents in very sunny locations like farmers’ markets, tradeshows, public conferences, etc.

At these locations, the intense UV ray exposure degrades the tent’s fabric. Degradation is slower in canopy tents that are made of durable, waterproof, and anti-sun fabrics. But, it’s there. That’s why business owners who want to use their canopy tents for marketing purposes must take the following steps –

  • Try to find shady spots to set up your canopy tents at marketing events.
  • Never leave your canopy tents up for days at a time under direct sunlight.
  • Store your custom canopy tents in cool, dark locations when you’re not using them.
  1. Take Care of Moisture Risks

Small rainstorms cause widespread havoc on buildings – imagine what they do to canopy tents! That’s why canopy tent owners must store their tents indoors whenever there’s a storm raging. While storing the tent, make sure it is moisture-free. Clean the canopy tent with dry cloths, eliminate all moisture droplets, and store it inside dry and dark places.

Cover your canopy tent with protective cloths whenever it’s in storage. By taking these steps, canopy tent owners can avoid mold, rusting, and corrosion inside their tents.

  1. Install and Uninstall the Canopy Tents with Care

One essential perk of using canopy tents at marketing events is their ease of use. Marketers can set up their custom canopy tents within seconds. Putting these tents away is just as easy. Canopy tents can also be stuffed inside car trunks and taken from one marketing location to another.

However, the rush and excitement of marketing events often make tent owners act irresponsibly. They hurry through the process of installing and uninstalling their tents. As a result, the tent’s frames and fabric experiences unnecessary wear and tear. Never use excessive force while setting up, transporting, or uninstalling your custom canopy tents.

  1. Buy the Right Canopy Tent Accessories

Boost your custom canopy tent’s functionality by purchasing accessories such as –

  • Tent weights
  • Extra roofing
  • Tent covers
  • Extra siding
  • Tent anchors

These canopy tent accessories improve the durability and stability of tents. They indirectly make canopy tents last longer. Overall, canopy tents are very easy to use and even easier to maintain.

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