The existence of downhill pants makes our riding more comfortable Do you know the pros and cons of downhill pants made of different materials?

Downhill pants can keep us cool and comfortable while riding. We inevitably break a sweat when we ride, not only because of your movement but also because of the material you’re wearing. A good jersey is usually made of unique materials that keep sweat away from the body. The process by which sweat is drawn away from the skin and transported to the outside of clothing to help you maintain a comfortable temperature is called perspiration.

Cycling Jersey Made of Sweat-wicking Polyester

Polyester DH hosen wick sweat away from us and keep us dry.

Nylon Jersey

Nylon downhill pants can also wick sweat away from us and are a good choice. Made from a unique combination of microfiber and elastane, nylon jerseys stay dry and comfortable during your ride thanks to their ability to wick sweat.

What kind of downhill pants you choose, you can choose according to your needs and budget.

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