Edit Your PDF File Smoothly with iTop PDF

There are a ton of free browser-based solutions available, but these useful tools aren’t necessarily as effective as the competition. Of course, we are not referring to expensive software like Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, and others.


The best PDF software shouldn’t be overly complex. We appreciate a job well done, with few errors, and clear transport, download, share or put up options.


iTop PDF is a versatile PDF tool that can handle most of the PDF-related tasks you have on your plate. Continue reading to ensure that you never again find yourself fiddling with an unused Acrobat subscription.

About iTop PDF

iTop PDF is much more than a simple PDF editor. The app is available for download on PC only, but it also functions flawlessly in any other browser you use, including Safari and Chrome.


All you need to do to use iTop PDF is go to the software. If you frequently work with PDF files, you’ll recognize many of the options on its homepage. The following and more are all possible with this PDF editor:


  • edit PDF documents
  • Affirm PDFs
  • rotating PDF files
  • joining PDF files
  • Divide PDF files.
  • Consolidate PDF files
  • PDF files may be converted into Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents.
  • Create PDF files from Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents.
  • PDF files may be converted into JPG images.
  • PDF files to HTML conversion
  • To PDF files, add a watermark.
  • Web page numbers can be added to PDF files.
  • Protect or lock PDF files
  • Fixing a PDF document


This tool will almost certainly be a sight for sore eyes if you have been burdened with these tasks without the right PDF software to hold them out. Text changes, notes, highlighting, and even adding new material to a PDF may now be done instantly.


These basic tools are made easy to use and readily accessible from any tool thanks to iTop PDF. 

How to Edit a PDF Document with iTop PDF

Editing a PDF file is as simple as ABC with this PDF Editor. Here some a few steps for you to follow.


  1. On the start page, you can see the “Recent History” and “Quick Access” tabs. Clicking the “Open PDF” button in the left sidebar will allow you to view a PDF document. The PDF document you wish to modify can then be chosen.


  1. When you wish to add a text box, select “Add Text” from the menu, move your mouse there, and then click once. Then, enter the information you wish to include in the text box.


  1. The “Comment” tab from the menu allows for the addition of notes. By selecting the position where you wish to add a note from the “Note” option, you can add notes to your document. In this tab, you may also add text effects like underlining, squiggly lines, and strikethrough.

How to save your fresh PDF

A PDF can be modified and then exported by clicking the sizable Export PDF button at the bottom. Your new file will be created by the tool, and you can immediately download it to your computer if you like.


The PDF can also be compressed after final modifications, combined, protected, divided, converted, or uploaded with your final watermark.


Other available options include the ability to share a QR code or a sharing link similar to that found in Google Docs, save it to your Dropbox account, and add it to your Google Drive. Additionally, you may share it on any social networking network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


These confidential documents might frequently cause delays in one’s productivity. Thankfully, you won’t ever be locked out of something important again if you carry tools like iTop PDF in your pocket.

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