Educate Yourself on Egg Freezing Procedure & ICSI Treatment in India

In the contemporary world, we live a fast-paced life. We have a lot of expectations from our professional life to facilitate our personal life. And for this, we make several compromises like family expansion or pregnancy. You can wait for the right time but your ageing can’t wait. So, you take medical assistance and opt for egg freezing, IVF, or ICSI treatment in Bangalore or your local town/city for conception and family expansion after achieving professional excellence. Keep reading the post to know the things associated with egg freezing and ICSI treatment. 

Egg freezing

Egg freezing is a process to preserve eggs for future use when a female decides to conceive or feels she is ready for pregnancy and family expansion. In the process, experts extract eggs from a female’s ovaries, freeze the same, and store them after freezing. There is no compromise in the freezing process. And so the frozen eggs are ideal for use to conceive in future. In the medical field, experts call oocyte cryopreservation to egg freezing. 

Why should you opt for egg freezing?

As you know egg freezing is preserving your fertility. Females have several reasons to opt for it. You should opt it when:

  • You want to completely focus on your career or certain achievements in your professional life
  • You don’t a child just after your marriage 
  • You are under a cancer treatment 
  • Your male partner has lower sperm count. Sperm extraction and egg fertilisation in the lab can help you in conceiving a baby 

Egg freezing process

The egg freezing process is similar to the one done in IVF treatment. Your egg freezing process is as follows:

  • Hormone injections from the 2nd day for 10-12 days for stimulating your ovaries to increase egg production 
  • Egg retrieval from your ovaries 
  • Egg freezing in the lab with the use of liquid nitrogen 
  • Storage of the frozen eggs for future use 

Risks associated with egg freezing 

Everything that we have or do has its own pros and cons. And egg freezing is not an exception. It can make you have a few risks. Some of them are as follows: 

  • OHS (ovarian hyperstimulation) caused by hormone injections
  • False hope if egg freezing is done in the older age, especially after 30
  • Egg fertilisation with the frozen eggs may not be the same as with fresh eggs. You may need to opt for IVF or allied fertility treatment options for conceiving a child

ICSI Treatment in India    

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is an effective treatment for male infertility. Your fertility expert may do this as a part of your IVF treatment. In this process, the doctor injects your male partner’s sperm directly into your egg at the lab or in your uterus.

Why does your male partner need ICSI treatment?

Your doctor may recommend ICSI treatment to your male partner’s when he has:

  • Poor sperm motility
  • Low sperm count
  • Abnormal sperm shape and size
  • No history of egg fertilisation in previous IVF cycles  

Your doctor may recommend you sperm retrieval through medical assistance when your male partner has:

  • Low sperm count
  • Vasectomy in the past
  • Any blockage in testicles preventing him from sperm ejaculation

When doesn’t ICSI treatment facilitate you treating your fertility problems?

ICSI treatment for your male partner will not be helpful for you if you have poor quality eggs.  

Success of ICSI treatment in India

ICSI treatment for male infertility is highly successful. And you can expect to have a success rate of more than 90%. However, no one can say anything about its success if your doctor carries ICSI treatment as a part of IVF treatment. The success of IVF treatment has an effect of several factors, and your age is the primary factor. Consultation with a highly experienced and skilled fertility specialist may be more helpful for you.      

ICSI treatment process

The process of ICSI treatment is somewhat IVF and is as follows:

  • Ovary stimulation with hormone injections to produce an ideal number of eggs
  • Egg retrieval
  • Sperm retrieval through masturbation in a private room at the lab/clinic
  • Injection of fresh sperm with healthy eggs for fertilisation  
  • Transfer of the fertilised eggs into your uterus

Benefits of ICSI treatment

ICSI treatment is extremely beneficial for males with infertility. As a part of IVF treatment, it is also beneficial for females. Here some benefits of this male infertility treatment:

  • Increased chance of pregnancy affected by male infertility
  • Higher possibility of having your own genetic child
  • Highly supportive for IVF treatment

Risks associated with ICSI treatment

ICSI has a lower risk association with comparison with other infertility treatments. Here are some possible risks:

  • Egg damage during the injection of sperm
  • No proper egg fertilisation
  • Baby boy may have infertility in future

Take away

Egg freezing and ICSI are a boon for couples in today’s world. Having a sound idea about egg freezing and ICSI treatment will help you decide whether you should opt them or not. Your fertility specialist will help you know more and provide the requisite support.

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