Everything About Astrology And Jyotish.

What Is Astrology?

Although the question may appear insignificant, Astrology and Jyotish have always been riddled with controversy and ambiguity since their inception. People believe it, mock it, and even accept astrology in vast numbers. People who have a solid connection to the sun signs think it is similar to other psychic disciplines. The truth is that astrology is quite distinct from all of these sciences. The planets, the sun, the moon, asteroids and comets, and celestial bodies outside the solar system focus on astrology.

It is the science of examining heavenly bodies and their effects on human existence more systematically. Have you ever wondered why people become enraged, and there are more incidences of road rage when there is a Full Moon? Is it just a coincidence? Not at all!

Many well-known figures have contributed to astrology, including Pythagoras and Sir Isaac Newton, both of them were astrologers (Jyotish). The Bible is chock-full of astrological knowledge. Surprisingly, Christ had 12 disciples, and the 12 tribes of Israel corresponded to the 12 zodiac signs. In fact, you can read Astrology in Hindi as well!

The Benefits of Astrology

After looking at the planet’s positions in the sky at the time of someone’s birth and how they interact with one another, a fundamental astrological reading is given by a Jyotish. These reveal a lot about your life. It also indicates where your power in this life comes from. Astrology can help you figure out your life path. Astrology can assist you in determining your genuine abilities and how to utilize them best. You’ll be able to put that unused energy to better use in your life.

In astrology, there are various cycles. Every twelve months, the Moon cycles through 13 times. The Sun returns to its natal position every year around your birthday. When the Sun reaches the precise degree to which you were born, this is known as the Solar Return. Your future can be accurately predicted by glancing at your chart. Every 29 years, Saturn passes through, and Mercury passes through three retrograde periods in which it appears to be going backward in the sky. These are essential aspects of existence. It also provides information about family, romantic affairs, and other forms of connections. 

Guess who’s the one who tells people about these things? It’s Jyotish!

The most significant benefit of astrology is providing information about your job. Mercury’s position is critical to your professional success. Your career is determined by the location of your planets in your sixth house. The planets in your tenth house indicate the type of job you’ll excel at. The importance of having a promising career has risen dramatically. Many people find it challenging to choose the correct job path. 

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The first house, or Lagna, is essential in Vedic astrology. The first house represents the person as a whole. The tenth house is significant in Western astrology. It’s also crucial to understand marital compatibility, and astrology can provide more accurate predictions in this regard. Last but not least, it illustrates the Karmic path. Investigating our karma can lead to greater riches and spirituality.

Is Astrology a Reliable Approach for Predicting the Future?

Skeptics question the accuracy of astrological predictions. However, it is ironic that astronomy and astrology grew in parallel. Aryabhatt, a famous scientist and mathematician, significantly influenced astrology and astronomy. Varahmihir is in the same boat. Newton, too, was a gifted astrologer. Here are the opinions of a few notable astrologers:

  • “Practical experiment will quickly persuade even the most skeptic that the solar system’s bodies imply, if not produce, changes in 1. Our thinking. 2. Our emotions and sensations. 3. Our bodies. 4. Our external affairs and interactions with the rest of the globe.” In 1925, Charles Carter, a famous British astrologer, remarked.
  • According to French astrologer Paul Choisnard, whose judgment was based on his testing,

“Official science will accept that the ancients were not incorrect, and astrology will regain its ancient status, supported by new methods of study.”

The Jyotish can tell you things that are impossible to know. You may have no understanding of how it works, but it does. Millions of people have put astrology to the test in this way and are persuaded that it works.

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