Everything to Know about Teeth Whitening Methods!

People with yellowish teeth suffer from low self-esteem. The accumulation of tartar and plaque affects the appearance and oral health of individuals. It is best to seek guidance regarding teeth whitening methods from a dentist in Lahore. All-on-4 specialist will help the patient understand the advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening.

Purpose of Teeth Whitening

The procedure bleaches the enamel, and the teeth appear brighter and whiter. The individuals feel confident while smiling and having a conversation with others. Peroxide is the main ingredient that helps change the color of the teeth.

Different Methods of Teeth Whitening

There are various methods such as:

  •       In-Office Teeth Whitening: It is the most effective technique. The dentist uses the bleaching gel on the teeth with care and follows proper protocol. The procedure is effective, and the person can notice visible changes right after the procedure. The procedure takes up to sixty minutes; however, it is an expensive method in comparison to other methods.
  •       Teeth Whitening Toothpastes: The whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives that help remove stains. However, they may not be as effective, as they have a low concentration of peroxide.
  •       Teeth-Whitener Strips: The strips are easy to use and are available in stores. The person can notice the change in the color of the teeth based on the concentration of peroxide. Everyone can use them as per the instructions as they are effective.
  •       Teeth Whitening Gels and Trays: They are inexpensive compared to the in-office whitening procedure. However, it might cause irritation, and the desired result may take up to three days. They are available in stores.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening

  •       Boost Self-Esteem: People can have higher self-esteem if they feel confident about their appearance. Teeth whitening methods help children and adults to have a sense of contentment and have higher self-esteem.
  •       Easy Maintenance: The whitening kits and in-office teeth bleaching provide instant results. People can use whitening toothpaste twice a day. Additionally, people who cannot afford the in-office teeth whitening can use alternatives. They are effective, inexpensive, available, and easier to use.
  •       Quick Desired Results: Most whitening methods are easier to use and provide instant results. Individuals can see changes in an hour if they opt for an in-office teeth whitening procedure. If they use other methods, they can notice the difference in days. The results of these methods last for months and are inexpensive. Therefore, people can easily redo the procedure for instant results.

Disadvantages of Teeth Whitening

  •       Tooth Sensitivity: The ingredients used in the teeth-whitening methods may cause sensitivity. Therefore, one must read the ingredients and their concentration before using them.
  •       Affects the Gums: Teeth whitening can affect the gums. However, the person can overcome gum-related issues due to teeth whitening in days without taking any treatment.
  •       Higher Chances of Tooth Decay: People opting for the teeth-whitening methods must read the ingredient. Higher concentrations of the chemical can cause tooth decay and correlated problems.
  •       May Suffer from Stomach Ache: People may suffer from stomach aches due to certain chemicals used in teeth whitening products.
  •       May suffer from Burning Sensation in the Throat: Most people complain that they have a burning sensation in the throat after they undergo a teeth-whitening method. The use of the chemicals in the products irritates the throat. It is a side-effect. It fades away in a short span without any further treatment.

People who are hesitant to use whitening strips, gels, and toothpaste should visit the best dentist in Islamabad. The specialist will guide the patient regarding other effective ways of teeth whitening. Additionally, the specialist will guide the patient regarding the cost, pros, and cons of all the whitening methods. The treatment will allow the person to have a sense of contentment and higher self-esteem.

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