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The French bulldog is a robust, compact small dog that makes an excellent family companion, but it has no sense of boundaries with its owner and even clamors to share its owner’s favorite seat. Although the dog has always been amiable and fun-loving, it needs strict training. It is an ancestor of the 19th-century English bulldog introduced to France.

Boundary animal world                                    Door Chordate 

Sub men Vertebrate subphylum                   Subclass Eutheria        

Target Carnivora                                                  Suborder Schizopod  

Division Canine                                                     Kind French bulldog

Chinese name French bulldog                        the foreign name French bulldog

Height 25 cm                                                           weight 8-12.6kg

Place of origin France                                        Purpose Companion dog, guard dog

Morphological characteristics                       Heavy bones, smooth back hair


 It was brought to France from England by the French in the mid-19th century and improved into today’s breed. The character of this kind of dog is far superior to that of the English bulldog. Erect and large, the coat is short and dense, smooth and shiny, the body is black, and the spots are white, or black spots on the white ground. The height is 30cm, the weight is 12kg, the pace is steady, the character is stable and gentle, and the reaction is alert.

Morphological characteristics

Appearance: The French bulldog is a lively, intelligent, muscular dog with a smooth coat, compact build, and medium or small size. The look conveys alertness, attentiveness, and curiosity.

The head is stout, triangular, wrinkled, and square, with a short snout and black lips that cover its teeth.

Mouth wide and short, strong, with a very pronounced forehead. Eyes large, black, round, slightly bulging.

The ears are broad at the base, as large as a bat wing, rounded at the end, and erect, and the ears are naturally erect.

Sagging neck without skin and flesh.

Wide chest, disproportionate to height, well-developed belly.     

The tail is short, low, and spiral at the end, and the coat is short, smooth, soft, and shiny, with a mixture of black and reddish or tabby on a white background.

Body and Limbs: Chest broad, deep and full, ribs well supported, belly raised. The forelegs are straight, well-muscled, and widely spaced. The hind legs are strong and muscular, longer than the forelegs. Feet are medium in size, tight, and firm. The toes are compact, split at the top, with high toe joints and short, sturdy nails. Dewclaws can be removed.

Color: tabby, camel, white, tabby with white, etc.

Coat: The coat is moderately fine, smooth, short, and smooth. The skin is soft and loose, especially on the head and shoulder blades, where wrinkles form.

Breeding Points

 Suitable for urban breeding. Not heat resistant. Eye and face folds should be checked regularly. The French bulldog listens to its owner and is one of the easiest dog breeds to tame.

From the infancy of the French Bulldog, let it be used to distinguish between good and bad, what things can be done and what can’t be done, praise it when it is done right, and criticize it when it is wrong. French bulldogs are not heat-resistant, and the hot and humid summer is the most difficult season for them.

 Therefore, it is important to choose to use the air conditioner at home and take it out for walks during cool times. Like standard bulldogs, French bulldogs also have the physiological defect of a narrow nose. They are prone to breathing difficulties in summer, and death due to heat stroke is relatively common. Breeders must pay special attention. Carry plenty of water for it when walking, so that it can drink enough and freely.

 French bulldogs have many folds on their faces, and if they are not wiped frequently, they will become wet and prone to skin diseases. Breeders should be aware of its “folds on the face.”

Health & Beauty

They are short-haired dogs, so it’s easy to groom, basically a bath and a nail clipper. Keep in mind to dry off those gorgeous folds on their faces.

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs have many health risks, all of which are related to the respiratory system. Their respiratory system is very special, which makes it difficult for them to breathe. They are also prone to thyroid disorders, eye inflammation, and spinal disorders.

The Main Purpose

Makes a good companion dog and can also be used as a guard in the yard.

Shopping points

It is best to pick a dog with a calm disposition. When choosing, choose a dog with a large square head, a flat head cover, a prominent forehead, and segment, a wide and deep muzzle, a short and wide nose, soft and thick lips, black in color, and a deep mandible. Head features are particularly important when choosing. Smooth, soft, and lustrous. The ears are of other types than non-bat ears, with open lips, and non-black noses and those with a weight of more than 14kg are inferior. I personally recommend you that you must buy these French bulldogs, We are selling at affordable prices.

Suitable population

 The French bulldog is intelligent, agile, cheerful, friendly, and quiet, rarely barks, is small and does not take up space, and is easy to get along with other dogs. The dog is easy to manage and does not require frequent grooming. It is very suitable for keeping in urban apartments, and it is also suitable for playmates with children. It’s one of the suggested dog breeds for family pet dogs.

Product Description

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