Gambling Terms You Need To Read and Learn

Gambling Terms You Need To Read and Learn

In order to enjoy gambling, even more, you need to be familiar with the terminology. No matter how long you spend in the casino, it can still happen that a term is not very clear to you. All this is normal, the world of gambling is a completely different world, and the inhabitants of that world have their own special language.

It must have happened to you once during the game that you hear a term that you are not very familiar with, so you wonder what that means. It is best to be properly informed, so as not to encounter problems of this kind. Once you are familiar with all the phrases, you will be able to completely indulge in gambling without worries (except those worries about winning).

All knowledge is useful and it will never hurt to have an answer to every question. When you are armed with knowledge, no one can do anything to you and you are ready to overcome all barriers. Pay close attention to these important terms and their explanations!


This term refers to the betting game of the casino. When you hear from a dealer saying that the action is on you, it means that then you need to play.


Ante is a bet, which takes place before the cards are dealt with by the players. Ante will ensure that each player has contributed, as well as that all the necessary money is present.


This term refers to the money that the player intended for gambling. It refers to a certain amount of money that a player will use to play a certain game.


A bet is a certain amount of money that a bookmaker has invested in his game. The game can be a round of blackjack, roulette, or slot machine spin. Whichever way it turns out, it means money invested by bookmakers. Knowing all gambling terms will make your game much easier.


Bets that a player is forced to are called blinds. This term is used in Holdem Poker.

Burn card

To protect the integrity of the game, a burn card is important. It represents a single card dealt face down. Also, it is dealt with each time a community card is dealt with during poker.


If you get money on betting, you will not get it directly from the dealer. You will take the won money to the cage, where your tokens are converted into real money.

Card washing

Card washing refers to the moment when the dealer spreads the cards face down and then shuffles them. You can often find a casino that has automatic machines that do this, but if you still come across a card washing dealer, it’s not bad to be familiar with the term.


Comps represent the points you earn while playing, after joining the rewards club. After a while, these points can become a useful reward.


When we say dealer, we mean a casino employee who deals cards. This is a person in direct contact with the players, whom you will meet a lot.

Double down

Double down is a bet that is the same size as the original bet. Often, there are situations where both bets cause a win or a total loss.

Face cards

As the word itself says, face cards are cards that have a face on them. In a deck of cards,they are the jacks, ladies or kings.

High roller

A high roller is a person who spends a lot of money in a casino. This term refers to a person who invests a lot of money in order to achieve even greater profits.


Everyone dreams of winning the jackpot. This is the biggest prize that can be won on the slot machine and other games.

Pit boss

You must have seen a staff member standing near the dealer once. That staff member is called the pit boss whose task is to supervise the game and make sure that everything is fair play.


It is quite normal to notice people watching a game in a casino. Their name is Railbirds and they are watching the game. The only thing that matters is that they sit at a sufficient distance so as not to interfere with the game in any way.


Reel represents the column with the slot symbols.

Scatter Symbol

By this term we mean the symbols that trigger free spins. They can often be seen and found on any line.

Tapping out

Tapping out represents the end of the game by the players. This means that the player no longer continues to play, it can be when he decides to stop, and it can happen when he runs out of money.


Another term for a tip is toke. It is extremely kind and advisable to give a tip to the dealer after you win some winnings in the game.


By this term, we mean the difference between the “fair” odds published by the bookmaker and the actual odds.

These are some of the basic and most well-known terms used in betting. They will help you better understand some of the situations that can happen to you in the bookmaker, and also help you gain the best bookmaking experience.

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