Guide on Regarding 188bet 2022


Although 188bet is not the most reputable bookmaker in the industry, they certainly have the right idea when it comes to one of the most important factors, which is continuous progress. 

Believe it or not, the reliability of a bookmaker is a wonderful indicator of whether or not they are an ideal choice for the long run. They are deficient in a number of important areas, but we do not consider these deficiencies to be deal-breakers.

After beginning operations in 2006 and focusing initially on the asian market, the company later moved into the casino and poker industries. In this review of 188bet, we’re going to analyse each new feature that they’ve introduced, each of which has received a lot of attention before and after it was implemented.

188bet is one of a kind since they emphasise the european influence that other bookmakers in the asian industry have come to regard as normal. 

This makes them stand out from the competition. In this particular instance, we would like to draw attention to the apparent smoothness, as well as the transition that appears to be seamless between the many design elements, colours, and everything else in between. 

The majority of asian bookies use what is known as a “strict” colour palette, which indicates that the combination of colours is not as impromptu as you might think it is. This common misconception was addressed by 188BET by using a superb blend of numerous gradations of grey. The three of them together add more to the content that is displayed on the white background.

On the majority of occasions, you would witness us expressing our displeasure with the existence of white. This time around, we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that its presence was not intrusive. 

It is able to blend in with all of the tables and lists, producing a contrasting layout that brilliantly draws attention to everything that is important for you to concentrate on. If you ask us, it’s the ideal combination of traditional components and cutting-edge approaches to the problem at hand.

As we have discussed in the past, 188bet is well-known for its forward-thinking business policies. The mobile application, which has undergone multiple iterations of redesign, is the first item that springs to mind. 

Today, we’ll take a look at a user-friendly layout that checks off all the boxes and offers gamers the chance to place bets while they’re on the move.

The fact that you have to provide four different types of documentation in order to open an account is one of the things that we do not like. 

We are aware of the worries over the integrity of the original, but the proliferation of copies creates a legitimate inconvenience. You only have the option of paying with visa, mastercard, skrill, neteller, or a direct bank transfer. 

If you want to withdraw money, you can also use a check or a wire transfer from your bank. This is another unpleasant aspect of the payments.

The assistance provided to customers is first-rate. Their customer service is available around the clock by live chat, email, and telephone, and the representatives are noted for their friendliness as well as their prompt response times. This is a category that the majority of bookies have made the conscious decision to ignore.

Odds on sports events and wagers

Users of 188bet have access to a wide variety of athletic events on which they can place bets. Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, american football, beach soccer, boxing, mixed martial arts (mma), cricket, darts, e-sports, financial bets, ice hockey, lottery, rugby, and snooker/pool are some of the sports that are covered. 

Other sports that are covered include cricket, darts, ice hockey, lottery, and snooker/pool. The total betting odds offered by 188bet are competitive. The betting margin for soccer is 5.2%, the betting margin for tennis is 7.5%, the betting margin for ice hockey is 7.6%, and the betting margin for basketball is 5.6%. 

The profit margin for all bets combined is 6.5%. These betting margins were determined by considering odds from a variety of occurrences across each sport in the calculation. It is important to keep in mind that margins might vary from sport to sport and even from league to league.

When compared to earlier versions of 188bet, the betting features section now includes 15 different sports, which is also a significant advancement. Both the market depth and diversity are comparable to those offered by some of the most prominent bookies in this region of the world. 

If you are accustomed to websites that have a european look, you won’t be surprised by the approach that 188bet takes. Very nice and pristine.

Safety and balance are guaranteed

In terms of the conditions for registering an account, 188bet’s dedication to security is on the verge of insanity.

 In the event that this does not convince you that this bookmaker is reliable, the possession of a licence issued by the isle of man gambling supervision commission (imgsc) will do the trick. In addition to this, they employ ssl encryption to guarantee the complete safety of all player information.

Payment Procedures

Your country of residence and preferred currency will determine the variety of payment options that are accessible to you. Euro, US dollars, British pounds, and numerous Asian currencies are all accepted by 188Bet. Typically, Visa/MasterCard deposits are accepted, along with deposits made through Skrill, Neteller, and Entropay. For residents of select countries, direct bank transfers are also an option.

If you use Neteller or Skrill, the minimum deposit is €10/£10/$10; if you use a credit card or Entropay, the minimum deposit is €20/£20/$20. You can deposit up to €50,000, £50,000, or $50,000 using Skrill.

Most of the time, deposits are handled immediately and without a fee.

Regarding withdrawals, you have several options, including utilizing checks, Skrill, your debit or credit card, Entropay, an international bank transfer, or your debit or credit card. Withdrawals are free unless you choose to pay out your winnings in checks or by a bank transfer in which case you must pay $25 for each check or transaction. 

When using Skrill, the minimum withdrawal is merely €1/£1/$1, compared to €5/£5/$5 when using a card. Payments made with EntroPay and credit cards often take one to three days to process, whereas withdrawals through Skrill are processed in about two hours.

Customer Service

188Bet offers customer service around-the-clock. Their customer service representatives are reachable by phone, email, and live chat. There are distinct phone lines for Europe and Asia. 

To speak with a support representative immediately, open the live chat window on the website. You can find a lot of helpful information in the FAQ section, so it might be a good idea to look there before contacting customer service.


An Asian bookmaker that also welcomes players from around the globe is called 188Bet. The low margins are its greatest asset, and the fact that it provides a respectable number of betting markets for esports is ideal.

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