Hacks to get you through the Power Outage

Hacks to get you through the Power Outage

Power outages can occur without a warning whether through a lighting storm or downed limb and it often becomes impossible to predict as to how long will they last. We as humans rely a lot on electricity in order to be productive at work and at home which can lead to disruptive outages. Asking the local utility for help in case of an outage can prove to be an important first step to restore power however, getting an understanding of some of the power outage hacks can turn out to be quite useful if the outage lasts for a long period. 

What leads to a power outage?

Extreme weather conditions can be one of the most common reason of a power outage. While long term power loss can be caused due to hurricanes and earthquakes, thunderstorms, heavy winds and freezing ice and be some of the top reasons for the existence of short term power shutdowns. 

Regular lightning can lead to a power loss for a few minutes. Hence, you must hire a reliable electrician in Langwarrin that would make the best use of specialised electrical equipment which instantly opens and closer a breaker in order to clear the short circuit. 

Moreover, faulty wiring and normal wear and tear can also lead to failures in equipment such as cables, connectors and transformers. Whereas, events like a car accident, tree trimming or digging up of power lines can make way for an extended power cut. 

The power outages can happen at any time, so, one must always be prepared to get through it. 

Here are some of the most important hacks that you can follow in order to get through a power surge:

According to several researches, an average outage lasts for around 90 minutes to 4 hours depending upon the type of infrastructure that you have. Hence, it is essential for you to acquire a basic outage kit until the power returns. But, if the outage happens overtime then incorporating some of these hacks can protect perishables, maintain connectivity and will tend to provide warmth at your place.

Power outage life hacks:

  • Use a crayon:

A single candle can also prove to be quite functional in a small room. But, in case the candles run out of supply, then you may even use a crayon as a substitute.

Burn the tip of the colour and let it melt a fire resistant and disposable surface such as a small plate or a saucer. Then, drip some of the wax on the surface so that the candle can easily stand still on the wax before it gets hard in order to form a makeshift holder. 

Make sure that each crayon lasts for an hour. 

  • Make a water jug lantern:

It can be quite challenging for you to move through the dark at night in case of a power surge. Larger kitchens and living rooms require lumens to light up effectively which cannot always be provided by candles and flashlights. So, how can you amplify the light? Here is the hack!

You can create a DIY lantern by just scrapping of an LED headlamp or a duct tape to direct a beam of LED light into a plastic jug filled with water. 

The light gets refracted through the water which provides ample amount of glow. You may even place the jug in front of the mirror to generate more amount of light.

  • Bring solar lights inside:

One of the smartest way to enlighten your room after a power surge is by bringing in the solar charged flower beds and walkway lights inside after the sunset. Recharge the lights during the day by placing them around the sun in case of an extended outage. 

  • Use the washing machine as a cooler:

As you all might know, it has often been advised that one must not open the refrigerators for as long as required. the refrigerator has the tendency to keep the food safe and chilled for as long as 4 hours if it stays untouched whereas, the freezer can keep the food frozen for around 24-48 hours. 

If possible, try to keep a load of ice and shift the perishable items from the fridge to the ice coolers. 

You can even stack up ice in your dishwasher or washing machines. So, once the ice melts the water would drain out of the pipes without creating any mess. 

  • Add single use hand warmers to interior pockets:

This hack helps you to keep warm from the winter storms during a power outage if you don’t have a firewood or the fireplace is not functioning properly. 

Try to keep the battery operated, single use chemical warmers inside your pockets and use additional layers and blankets that helps to trap the body heat in a better manner.

Well, keeping these tips and hacks aside, power outages can turn out to be a serious problem for those who might get affected and harmed while trying to figure out as to how can they get the light back. Hence, DIRECT POINT ELECRICAL will be here for your rescue to sole all the power related problems that keeps in you at peace and safety.

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