Hand saws types and their uses

Hand saws types

Hand saws are the most common equipment nowadays. These saws are most commonly used in houses. People use their handsaws for DIY projects. Hobbyists and carpenters are also seen using different types of saws. The hand saws are multifunctional saws, and these are used for different purposes. Brushless Cordless Chainsaw is often used for common purposes. 

There are several types of saws that you can use for your projects. Here are some of the most common types of handsaws that you can use for different purposes. So let us get started. 

  • A keyhole saw

Keyhole saw is also known as a drywall saw, jab saw, alligator saw, saber saw, pad saw, and compass saw. This is most commonly used for making holes for cables and keyholes. The blade is fixed on the handle having a pistol grip. The pistol grip is usually made up of wood, plastic, or steel. The keyhole saws have a cross-tooth pattern having 10-12 teeth per inch. This is a posh stroke handsaw. 

  • Panel saw

Panel saw is the most used saw. This saw is suitable for cutting small wood pieces. This is suitable for people interested in making delicate and stylish frames. This saw is used for DIY projects. The panel saw has a fairly short handle, but it is helpful in achieving the purpose. This saw has close and fine-set teeth that give a clean cut. So it is often used to cut ply board. It can be as short as 460mm and have 8-12 teeth per inch. 

  • Rip saw

The rip saw is the most aggressive saw. This is a push stroke saw that has chisel teeth. Chisel teeth rip throughout the wood. This saw is designed in such a way to cut the wood grain with every stroke. Moreover, it leaves coarse cut marks on the piece of wood. The length varies between 600mm-700mm, having 4.5.7 teeth per inch. 

  • Coping saw

You might have heard about coping saw. This is used for making detailed patterns on wood. This aw has a sprung steel frame having a wooden handle. This can be used to tighten the blade by rotating. It has a narrow blade that helps in turning the saw during cutting. This saw is a pull-stroke handsaw.

  • Crosscut saw

Here are some less aggressive saws as well. A cross-cut saw is one of them. The teeth of this saw are more similar to the knives. This saw cuts wood instead of ripping it. Crosscut saw it has smaller teeth and is designed to cut through the wood grain. It can vary in length and usually has a length of 550mm-700mm, having 8-12 teeth per inch. 

These are some of the most common types of saws that people use for everyday purposes. You can also purchase Mini Handheld Electric Chainsaw online. It must be mentioned that a person needs to purchase the right saw for a certain purpose. Moreover, they need to be very careful when using saws as it can be dangerous.

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