How Akhand Diya Can Improve the Vibe of Your Pooja Room

How Akhand Diya Can Improve the Vibe of Your Pooja Room

Indian culture is renowned for its long-standing customs and beliefs, many of which are still upheld and practiced today. The lighting of the Diya is one such custom. Lighting an akhand Diya is one of the pooja room necessities. It has always been a part of our regular morning and evening prayer practices.

The reasons why we light Akhand wax Diya in our pooja room are based on a variety of myths and among them are:

  • It supposedly brings prosperity home.
  • Salutes health.
  • According to legend, it dispels ignorance and brings knowledge.
  • The Diya is lit to represent goodness and wealth.
  • It also represents strength and purity.

According to one school of thought, the oil in the diya symbolizes the impurities or negative aspects of the human psyche, which appear as emotions like hatred, greed, desire, and envy among others. The cotton wick stands in for someone’s soul. It is thought that by removing negativity from the mind, burning a diya helps us move closer to enlightenment.

The Idea of Akhand Diya

The Mantra Mahabodhi also referred to as the sacred book of mantras, makes reference to the eternal flame, also known as Akhand Jyoti, and is where the concept for the Akhand Diya lamp originated. According to this literature, chanting in front of an Agni or fire is ideal.

Amala Earth has a great selection of Akhand Diya for Navratri, including ones made of materials like brass. Compared to those constructed of other metals, brass Akhand Diya are thought to draw more uplifting spiritual vibrations.

What Makes the Akhand Diya Important

Here are a few advantages of Akhand Diya:

  • One of the five fundamental elements is fire. An Akhand Diya is thought to create a strong connection with the maker.
  • It is stated that Akhand Diya cleanses a home of sickness.
  • Akhand Diya infuses the home with positive energy while purifying the air.
  • It is said that the ghee or mustard oil used in the Akhand Diya will purge the home of all negative energy.

How Can the Akhand Diya Be Kept Lit

Keep a small wick and add oil as needed to keep the Akhand Diya going for the full nine days of Navratri celebrations. To stop the breeze from extinguishing the diya, keep it away from windows and doors. The diya is shielded from the wind by a cylinder-shaped glass cover.

Make cautious to gently pour the oil into the diya to avoid wetting the wick. A large glass of wax Diya will ensure the lamp stays lit for a longer period of time.

On the cotton wick, carbon begins to build up after a few days. The wax diya can then be continued to burn by adding a fresh wick and lighting it next to the old one.


During the upcoming holiday season, light a wax diya to bring happiness and wealth into your home. Visit the Amala Earth website if the price of the Akhand Diya worries you. Their carefully chosen assortment of Akhand Diyas is reasonably priced and attractive.

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