How can you get a free house valuation before selling?

How can you get a free house valuation before selling

You may have lived in your house for a while and are unaware of how much is my house worth. You might be interested in seeing how the pandemic’s impact on the housing market has changed the value of your house. Or perhaps you’re thinking about moving up but are unsure of your potential profit or the price at which to list your home.

The best part is that you can estimate your home’s value for free with little research.

How To Do It?

Ask an Estate Professional To Value It For You

These days, it’s possible that this isn’t the most excellent place to begin. However, having an estate agent visit and value your house for you is still the most common way to do it. They’re usually willing to do this for free if you sell your home.

It will be a free evaluation. In contrast, you could feel dishonest inviting an agent around if you’re genuinely planning to sell. You’d have to do it while giving the impression that you’re considering selling your house. You could feel pressured to put it on the market, and the agency will phone you repeatedly. The more you list it with them, the better. In addition, many people still aren’t ready to welcome guests into their homes due to the ongoing pandemic.

Use An Estate Agent Online

Several internet estate agencies offer a free valuation service. These vary, but the majority will ask you to invite a qualified local realtor to visit and personally appraise your home.

You can sell your home through an internet estate agency as well. Their fixed prices can be significantly less than what standard estate brokers charge. However, you might have to handle a good deal of the “leg work” and negotiations yourself. 

Obtain An Appraisal Online

Other websites might provide an approximation of the value in addition to online estate brokers. Although they aren’t as accurate as expert appraisals, they can offer you a rough sense of how much your house might sell for. Although this can be a perfect place to start and give you a “ballpark” estimate, you may still prefer to have a proper assessment done later.

You only need to submit a few things to acquire a valuation like this. These can include:

  • your home’s address and location;
  • the price you paid for it;
  • the number of rooms it has;
  • the date you acquired it;
  • the house’s age; and
  • your email address.

You will then be given a number as a ballpark estimate of the current value of your home. Additionally, you’ll receive thorough information about the neighbourhood and property sale prices. A sizable amount of data supports these online assessments. For instance, your home’s size and nearby homes’ prices have recently sold.

How Reliable Are Free Assessments?

Free online estimates of property worth are unlikely to be entirely accurate. But they can at least offer you a ballpark figure for how much you can anticipate getting for your house. This may be helpful, particularly if you’re only now beginning to wonder whether relocation is the best option for you.

Getting data from various sources could be helpful if you want to sell your house without first having a professional value. Using this technique can help you choose a reasonable asking price.

You can learn more about local pricing with the help of a free valuation. In this manner, if you decide to work with an estate agent, you’ll be prepared to address your home’s value with them.

You should obtain multiple values even if professionals are valuing your home. You wouldn’t believe how much they might differ, and you’ll still need to decide which valuation is better to use. You should price it low if you want a speedy sale, but you might price it higher if you make the most money possible.

Take Away

Following the advice above, you may get a reasonable estimate of your property’s worth by looking into the cost of properties in your neighbourhood. This can be extremely helpful if you’re a first-time seller unsure of what kind of price you should demand. Additionally, if you’ve owned your home for a very long period and the amount you paid for it is significantly different from its current value, this can be helpful.

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