How Is Leadership and Motivation Linked?

Leaders are responsible for developing winning strategies among teammates. They are proficient enough to execute the team in a way that develops core competencies in them. After analyzing the temperament of the situation, they balance the integrity of the team to obtain long-term profit for the organization. They manage the interest of multiple stakeholders, suppliers, employees, clients, customers, and employees to get maximum profit.

We can say that motivation is the level of commitment and energy that employees bring into function every day. Not every task is full of excitement and interest; employees may lose their attention towards work. As a result, they work without focus, and outcomes aren’t obtained in favor. 

Motivated employees are more engaged in their work. According to statistics, only 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged with their work. This becomes a reason why employees find it better to leave the current organization and search for better offers. Around 81% of employees think about quitting their current job. 

The studies of Gallup simply suggest that the performance of employees is highly influenced by the manner they are treated. It can either affect the business adversely or profitably depending upon their gratitude. The quality of work is significantly increased with the dedication and positive efforts of the team.

How Is Leadership and Motivation Linked?

Qualities Of An Effective Leader

To imbibe motivation in the team, a leader like Scott Paterson Toronto-based have these qualities.

  • Encouraging Nature 

The leader should provide honest feedback on task completion. Also, they have to ensure that employees should not take the critique personally. Leaders like Oprah Winfrey encourage the employees to stay fearless while taking chances. 

  • Delegating the Tasks Effectively

Leaders have to prioritize tasks, and they can take small steps to reach a great target. Leaders have to address the team with required strategies and plans so that they can handle work along with time management. 

Leaders suggest calling for conferences or meetings to let the team members clear their doubts. If the members are aware of targets, they will work more dedicatedly. Now it’s upon the leaders how they will prepare their team to deal with every situation efficiently.

  • Providing All Useful Resources

Leaders should ask their teammates about their ambitions and needs. Leaders like Scott Paterson Toronto-based are needed to be aware of the requirements of teammates and work hard to fulfill them. By fulfilling their requirements, they strengthen their relationship with their subordinates. Leaders should be capable of grooming their teammates’ minds in a manner that they must understand the needs and work accordingly.

  • Maintaining Discipline

Discipline makes the execution of goals simpler. Even good ideas and visionaries are useless until you aren’t disciplined. You would be able to inspire others as well when you are self-disciplined. Also, other people will judge your capability and capacity after examining how much you are disciplined for your work.


Now, we have understood how motivation can promote employee engagement in the workplace. Motivation encourages the employees to define their roles. Therefore, we must say motivation and employee engagement are strongly interlinked.

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