How Taking a Bridging Loan can Assist In Property Purchases?

Bridging Loan

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed some extra financial help to buy a property? But you didn’t want to take out a loan from a bank? You may want to consider getting a payday loans online or a bridging loan as an alternative. Bridging loans can be a great way to get the money you need without going through a traditional lender. Keep reading for more information about how bridging loans work and how they can benefit you.

Many borrowers looking to secure a bridging loan for buying a property would like more guidance. Bridging loans allow businesses and individuals to obtain funds quickly when they cannot get a conventional mortgage. Or the loan to buy real estate would take too long to process. In this guide, we’ll educate you about bridging loans.

Bridging Loans Explained

A bridging loan is a short-period loan secured by real estate. It allows you or your company to “close the financial gap” until the borrower receives longer-period funding. That is workable till the time they pay it back ultimately. Or they sell the collateral to pay for the entire loan amount.

Bridging Loans and Project Dreams

Assuming you do property-based transactions frequently, you may run into a situation which requires funding fast. You can get the project moving again with a bridging loan in these situations.

A bridging loan is commonly thought of as a financing source when there is a gap in a property chain. But, you can borrow from leading P2P lending platforms like Kuflink to overcome everything in your way. So you can finish that specific real estate project.

Can bridging loans Assist You Financially?

By learning from these facts and examples, you can find out how bridging loans assist in different scenarios.

1. Funding for Filling the Gaps in Real Estate Transactions

When a bank set forth a strict policy regarding the new property deal for Roy, his property was at stake. There was a requirement for a high capital to bring the property out of the risky situation. Also, the bank demanded that he should pay the deposit of £50,000 within three days. That means there was no extra time for going through the typical lending process. He needed finances quickly.

A Peer to Peer lending website came up with a lending facility with which he could apply for a beneficial bridging loan. They worked on a valuation and provided a £130,000 loan secured over his property. Thanks to the P2P lending platform, he could complete the transaction. He took ownership of the property within no time.

2. Purchasing Auction Properties

It is possible to buy properties at auction via a bridging loan.

Stuart, an accountant, was planning to buy a house at auction. He saw the property in a brochure and decided that, while it needed renovation, it would be a profitable investment. Unfortunately, he did not have plenty of time. But he could assess the property’s potential. What could he do?

The P2P lending platform was there to help. First, the platform made some inquiries about real estate and gave Stuart the loan with a second charge plan on an existing asset. That gave him the benefit of using the helpful bridging loan to carry out the real estate transaction within fourteen days and start working on his investment plan.

3. Working with Unmortgageable Real Estate

Assuming real estate is an excellent investment, receiving a mortgage from a bank may be difficult. But, bridging loans for unmortgageable real estate can be an excellent resource for making quick cash.

You can join Kuflink, a top-end P2P lending platform, to get a property loan from them.

Bob, a property developer and investor, saw a prospect in a fifth property project but had a meager amount of money. That is because two of his built houses were already in the pipeline for sales. In addition, the new property that he found suitable for business purposes had no garage or dining room, so plenty of lenders did not agree to buy it. That is when Bob reached out to a Peer to Peer lending platform.

The platform helped Bob by providing him with a bridging loan. That allowed him to liquidate a specific amount of cash from the equity held back by other properties. As a result, he made arrangements for the funding for the fifth property. Then he began the work leading to a profitable investment.

4. Purchase, construct and enhance

Whatever type of real estate you own, you may experience a scenario that requires quick financing. Maybe you need money to renovate the property to your desired standard, make improvements, or build a more covered area.

You can contact a high profile P2P lending platform like Kuflink to get the necessary loan.

Ben owned a home with a big garden and had managed to get permission to build another house in that area. He was still paying off the mortgage on his newly-built home at the time. So constructing another home was not an easy project. With only a limited time for planning permission, Ben had to get the construction going.

A famous Peer to Peer lending platform came to help. They started by helping him with the legal procedure of title splitting. Then they gave Ben a bridging loan that allowed him to create the home. After developing the new house, he sold the old one. Then he paid off his mortgage earlier along with the P2P lending platform’s loan payment. In the end, he settled in a mortgage-free home.

5. Other Ways In Which a Bridging Loan can Help You

People can also use bridging loans to assist them in specific scenarios. For example, they can use them as a source of funds in an emergency.

Samantha, a successful self-employed entrepreneur, was worried when she got a tax notice for £45,000. She had to pay it back urgently. Reaching out to the mortgage agent would take extra time and effort. She needed quick funds.

One of the leading Peer to Peer lending platforms came to the rescue. Within forty-eight hours, she was able to gain a second charge on her business property. Finally, she paid back the taxes and got relieved of the entire responsibility.

Contact details

Your lender will also require you to provide an active phone number and email for communication purposes.

Your bridging loan

These are some scenarios in which the wide scope of bridging loans can assist, from bridging a financing gap to enhancing your own home.

Assuming you would like to apply for a real estate loan suitable for a specific project, you can join Kuflink.


Suppose you’re in a situation where you need some extra financial help for buying a property but don’t want to take out a loan from a bank; bridging loans can be a great alternative. A bridging loan is designed specifically for people who need short-term financing, and it can be much faster and easier to get it than getting a loan from a traditional lender. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get the money you need, bridging loans may be the solution. Have you ever considered using one? Try Kuflink, a famous P2P lending platform.

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