How to Add Delta Symbol (Δ) In Word & Excel

Many people do realize the importance of adding the delta symbol in MS Word. For instance, adding delta symbol in MS Word document. But they do not know, how to add the delta symbol in MS Word. Adding a delta symbol in MS Word is not a big deal like adding other symbols like the Phi symbol.

Adding the delta symbol is a simple way to add a mathematical symbol to your Excel and Word documents. The symbol is actually pretty simple. Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) and Microsoft Word (MS Word) both support special characters.

One of the special characters is the Greek letter Delta (Δ). The only difference between these two programs is how they display the Greek letter. If you type a Greek letter in MS Excel, it will display like this: (Δ).

How to Add Delta Symbol (Δ) In Word & Excel

We often get asked ‘how to add delta (Δ) symbol in word & excel’. The ∆ symbol (delta symbol) or Delta symbol (Δ) is used to denote a change in quantity and is used in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

The symbol is often shown in digital form, but also in physical form. ∆ is also used as a mathematical symbol in calculus. The symbol first appears in print in 1843 in the work of Josiah Willard Gibbs.

And the symbol is named after the Greek letter delta, Δ, like the symbol Δ for divergence. The symbol is often confused with the mathematical symbol δ, the lowercase letter delta, used in mathematics to denote delta functions.

  • For Word, you can use the Symbol button from the Illustrations > Symbols section.
  • For Excel, you can use the Symbol button from the Insert > Symbols section.

When preparing documents such as letters, reports, memos, or emails, you will want to include the symbol “Δ” to indicate a difference in numbers or change the direction of an equation.

The mathematical symbol “Δ” is known as a delta, and it symbolizes the difference between two or more numbers. To add the delta symbol in Microsoft Word, insert a symbol, then select the Delta icon in the Symbols section of the Insert tab. Similarly, to insert the delta symbol in Microsoft Excel, press and hold Ctrl while clicking on the symbol icon at the top of the screen.

Where this symbol uses more

In today’s world of digital text, we tend to forget that there are actual fonts that depict specific letters. One such font is called “Delta” which is the symbol for the Greek letter delta (δ). This letter, also known as a “delta” or “deltan,” is used in mathematics to represent a difference in quantity.

For example, the distance travelled by a car divided by the time period taken for travel is called delta. Delta is also used in mathematics to represent something being subtracted from something else. You can often add a delta symbol in Word.

When you type, or add numbers in MS Word or Excel, you may want to change some or all of those numbers to a “delta” symbol. In math, a delta symbol represents a difference in quantity or value.

The delta symbol is used in economics and finance to represent different trading prices or exchange rates. The delta symbol is also used in statistics for changes in population or condition. This symbol can be typed using ^ or ∆ replacing the number.

The delta symbol (Δ) is used in math to represent change. For example, −1Δ = 1 − 1/2, 2Δ = 2 − 1/2, 3Δ = 3 − 1/2 and so on. It is a shorthand notation, which computes the arithmetic difference between the quantities.

For example, a = 8Δ and b = 7Δ, then 8Δ − 7Δ = 1. The delta symbol is superscripted to the base quantity and stands for the variation of that quantity. And the delta symbol is used to simplify arithmetic computations.

The delta symbol is of two types, absolute and relative. Absolute delta refers to a change in one quantity and relative delta refers to a change in a quantity relative to another quantity.

Mostly you used this key as mathematical and many other subjects symbol

The delta symbol or “delta” is a mathematical symbol that is used as a variable in mathematical formulas in equations, or, in some mathematical texts, to indicate division. In the mathematical context, it is used to represent the difference or quotient of two numbers.

The delta symbol, also called the delta glyph, delta arrow, or delta sign, is an equal sign (),, normally used in mathematics, physics, design, and medicine. We can use the delta symbol in Word and Excel.

If you still having problem try this

The delta (delta) symbol is used as an mathematical symbol to represent a change, or changes, between two quantities. It is often used in mathematics, physics, engineering, physics, and economics. If you still having trouble adding the symbol Δ in Word & Excel? It is simple! Simply follow the next instructions.

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • In the Insert tab, click Symbol.
  • In the Insert Symbol dialog box, select Other Symbols > Decimals.
  • Click the Decimal Symbol button.
  • In the Decimal Symbol dialog box, click Decimal.
  • Click Copy, then paste it into the document where you want the symbol.

The Bottom Line

The keyboard has dozens of symbols, but do you know how to add the delta symbol (Δ) to your Word or Excel document? The delta symbol is used in the mathematics branch of physics and astronomy. It is also used in many scientific disciplines, such as heat transfer, physics and optics, electricity and magnetism, and fluid mechanics.

In Word and Excel, the delta symbol (Δ) is used to indicate a precise time. This symbol is used similarly to the asterisk (*), which can be used to indicate an unspecified time.

For example, the statement, “The meeting is scheduled for Friday at 8 a.m.” could be written with an asterisk (*), which signifies an unspecified time of day or night. However, if the meeting is scheduled to take place at 8 a.m., the delta symbol (Δ) should be used.

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