Choosing the cleaning company  requires a lot of attention.

One of the most important details is the fact that they will step  in the comfort of your house as often necessary . It would be preferable to choose someone with whom you can resonate and who you can trust in order to avoid any kind of unpleasantness. One of the most frequent questions is this: How can we choose the perfect cleaning company? In this article we can find some interesting answers that require consideration.

Review and Feedback

One of the most important points of view are reviews and feedback. Because when a company enters the market, people will express their experience with them through reviews and feedback. For example a house cleaning company in Dublin like Happy Clean have over 2000 5 stars. In such case, you can be sure that your house is in good hands.  Make sure you read both the good and bad reviews. Even bad reviews don’t always reflect the work of that company. We have seen cases before in which a bad testimonial is given by the competition, or by some upset potential client who didn’t get a price they can afford or a suitable time for an appointment. Testimonials are therefore extremely important, but they are not the only factor to consider. 

Don’t look for the cheapest price 

While a low price can be very attractive, you have to ask yourself if a cleaning company is able to deliver a high quality service for that price. Any business has expenses such as training, investment, PPE, uniforms, marketing, fuel, vans etc. So all these costs need to be reflected in the quote given to the customer, plus you need to consider the profit that a company has to make. No one says to choose the most expensive company either, as you may be paying more for the brand than for the quality. Once you ask the right questions and make sure that the price reflects the value for the money, then you can proceed with making an appointment. 


The second most important thing is insurance When we choose a cleaning company we have to make sure that if something bad happens they have insurance to cover. Many companies will not be able to insure accidents because they do not have coverage in place, and this would lead to other incidents that are much more unpleasant for both you and the company. A cleaning company that has well trained staff will have no problem to give their insurance details, as they know that the risks for something to go wrong are reduced to a minimum. Also, one fact you need to consider is that their insurance cover the particular service you need. If a cleaning company has liability insurance, it needs to cover all services they offer. 

The products and equipment they use

When we have children and pets and we want a deep clean, the first thing we need to consider is that the chemicals used are not harmful to the little ones. Therefore, always before choosing the cleaning services, we must document everything related to the cleaning process. 

The main interest is for the company to use the best quality products, for example Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dublin uses non-harmful chemicals, and they guarantee the best results at the same time. 

Unfortunately, the market is saturated of untrained persons, who will happily clean your home using harmful cheap products, rather than investing in a professional range. So, it’s important to ask them what products and equipment they are using. 

Wide range of cleaning services

When we choose a cleaning company, we must also think about what needs to be cleaned in the house. When it comes to a deep clean, this can include everything related to a house, for example, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, rug cleaning, power washing etc. A company that offers a wider range of services can save you time and money. For carpet and upholstery cleaning in Dublin, Happy Clean offers great discounts. You can get everything done with them, get a better deal and just one invoice if you need to put this through the company. Also, a company that offers more than one service proves to be interested in expanding, offering a better service to their customer. 

Respect, punctuality and behavior of the team

The behavior of the team you have chosen is a warning sign. You can get an idea of how they treat their clients from the first contact you have when you call them. Usually a quick response means that the cleaning company is really interested in getting more customers therefore more work. Punctuality and respect are strong points that must be studied from the moment they step in your home. When the team’s behavior towards you is appropriate, respectable and punctual, then you don’t have to worry, you made the right choice.

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