How to connect your printer to wifi

how to connect your printer to wifi

Imagine printing from multiple devices like your tablets and smartphones without being hooked up to cables. Smart option? With the wireless printer, you can perform all such activities and move your device from room to room or your nearby areas. Easy. Unless you need help connecting your printer to wifi.

But do not worry; we are here to give you all the instructions regarding how to connect your printer to wifi. In this article, we will clear all the aspects and make the journey easy for you. So let us head towards the article.

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Check The Printer Setup

If you are facing a connection problem, it may be because your printer is not connected to the computer. Here are the simple steps to check and set it up.

  • Make sure that your printer is on.
  • Then click the start button on the computer.
  • Select settings than devices and then printers and scanners
  • If you do not see your printer interested, add your printer or scanner to the computer.
  • Please wait for it to find the nearby devices.
  • Select your printer. You need to look for the manufacturer’s name and model number.
  • Select add a device. Enter the password if it is required
  • Finally, again, check if your printer is listed in the printers  and scanners section


How To Check Printer Setup On Mac


  • Here are the simple steps for mac, also
  • At the top left corner of your apple screen, select the apple menu
  • Select system preference than print and scan or printers or scanners
  • Check for your printer list. If you do not see your printer listed, then click on the + icon and add your printer
  • Choose your printer software or drive in the used filed
  • Lastly, click add


Connect Your Printer With A Wireless Setup Wizard


Some advanced printers in the scenario are choosing the touch screen. If your printer is also a touch screen, follow the steps below to connect it to the wifi.


How to connect your HP printer to wifi


  • Check whether your printer is on or not
  • Bring your primer within a range of wifi
  • Tap for setup and then tap for the network or wireless settings
  • Select the wireless setup wizard
  • Select the name of your network and enter the password as the final step.


How to connect your Epson printer to wifi

  • Again check whether the printer is on or not
  • Bring the printer in the range of the wifi
  • Press the home button in the control panel
  • Select the wifi set up and then press ok
  • Long press the ok button until the wifi setup wizard appears. Than press ok
  • Select your wifi network on the screen and then again press ok
  • Enter your password and then press ok
  • Once done, you will see the setup complete option on the screen once you are connected.

How to connect your canon printer with the wifi


  • Again make sure the printer is on
  • Being the printer within the range of the wifi
  • Press the home button on the touchscreen
  • Press and hold the wifi button
  • Press the LAN wireless set up and then press for the ok
  • Select your wifi network from the list
  • Enter your password, if any, and then press ok
  • The power and wifi light will stop flashing once you are connected.


Factory Reset Your Printer


If the problem persists, you can also factory reset your printer. Floor the below steps and try to connect with your wifi device again. However, a factory reset will cause you to lose any manual settings on the printer. Thus try to take this as the last option.


How to Factory Reset your hp Printer


  • Turn the printer off and then plug the power cord from the printer
  • Please wait for the 30 seconds for a minute and then again reconnect it
  • Turn the printer on while pressing. Hold the resume button for the 30 seconds
  • Once the attention lights come on, let go of the resume button.
  • The attention and ready lights will cycle while the printer restores the factory settings.


How to Factory Reset the Canon Printer


  • On the touch screen, select the setup
  • Select device settings and then press ok
  • Select reset settings and then again press ok
  • Select all reset and press ok
  • Then, on the screen, choose yes and press ok


Bottom line


These all are the general ways to reconnect your lost connection or rebuild the printer’s connection again with the wifi. If this still feels hectic for you, you are free to seek professional help. Handle all the devices with great care and expertise.


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