How to Convert Word to Pdf Online or Offline?

Converting Word to PDF format is very helpful for sharing files between different operating systems or computers without difficulty. A pdf format is very useful for sending important memos, invoicing clients, and consistently maintaining customer records. 

Therefore, a PDF format is considered as one of the most popular and secure file formats which serve different purposes precisely. When a user converts any content file from doc to pdf, it will be automatically optimized and more compact. 

A steadfast and reliable Word to PDF converter is essential to make the conversion process easy. is best available option.

How to convert words to pdf online? 

Some free tools to convert from doc to PDF online for both Mac and Windows are listed below: 

Online tools for converting word to pdf for free!

  • – Word to Pdf

This free Word to PDF converter is an efficient online tool that is being widely used around the globe for the conversion of documents. Whenever it becomes essential to share documents in PDF format, is the best online option available for free.

Working procedure 

  1. First of all, upload a single or multiple Word/Doc/Docx files by clicking the given option “Upload File” to convert from docx to pdf. 
  2. In the second step click the “Convert to PDF” button to initiate the conversion process.
  3. The document will be converted and the user can download the file on the device by clicking the “Download” option.
  4. For starting a new conversion from word to pdf click the “Start New Conversion” option.

One of The best features of this docx to pdf converter is its quality to retain the formatting of Word files while converting it to PDF. Also, when it converts word to pdf it keeps the text alignment and the font typeface intact while maintaining the quality of the original Word document. 

  • PDFelement Pro 

It is one of the best Word to PDF converters, which provides full control over PDF files. This converter supports its users to create high-quality PDFs while holding the original formatting. 

Additionally, this word tp pdf tool offers the features of PDF editing to make changes in PDF text, images, and other elements easily. Some of the reasons to choose this tool are: 

  1. Upload the file and click the convert button to change the file from word format to pdf format within a few seconds. 
  2. This online tool is capable of creating PDFs from Word, Excel, PPT, Webpage, EPUB, and other formats precisely and accurately. 
  3. It allows users to add watermarks, signatures, and passwords, change backgrounds in the pdf file to give it uniqueness and individuality. 

Pros Of Using Online Doc To Pdf Converters

Some of the benefits of using the online word to pdf converters are as follows: 

Free of cost

Free tools to convert word documents into pdf formatting provide the opportunity to save files. Furthermore, editing from such tools is straightforward.

Growth of Online Tools

In the past, such tools were full of tricky mechanisms. However, these days there has been a huge growth in this area. Now there are many new developments to enhance the quality of online tools everywhere. Online PDF makers, whether paid or free, have evolved for the better.


An online PDF tool takes a few seconds to convert doc to pdf. This speed gives it the edge. Every user wants to get the task done within a few minutes. And that’s exactly the kind of facility online PDF Editors can deliver. 

Cons Of Using Online Doc To Pdf Converter

Many times online conversion tools can’t cater to everyone’s needs. Some of the limitations of online word to PDF converters have been listed below:

Lack of Direct Editing

The most significant issue facing online editors today is the lack of direct text editing options. Direct editing of content in a PDF file needs significant computing power and features. 

Problems in Making Media Rich PDF Files

For generating media-rich PDFs which are filled with images, videos, or forms, online PDF editors simply aren’t good enough. This drawback leaves users with their hand-tied. 

Lack of Safety and Privacy

The domain of online word to PDF converters is yet to come up with a tool that uses data privacy standards. This is one of the huge drawbacks and forces large enterprises to avoid them. 

How to convert words to pdf offline?

  • Make pdf with MS word

For the offline conversion of doc to pdf, MS word is one of the best available options. 

  1. First of all, Open a Word document on the computer. 
  2. Click the “File” tab and select the “Save as” option.
  3. In the third step in the new dialogue window, click the “PDF(*.pdf)” to save the Word document.
  4. In the last click the “Save” button to save the pdf file. 
  5. It also provides the option to choose the folder and name the file as per need and requirement. 

Change Word Document to PDF with Word 2007 and 2003

  • Open a Word document and go to the “File” button which is located at the top-left corner. 
  • Click the “Save as” button and pick the “PDF or XPS” option to change doc to PDF. 

Pros And Cons Of Offline Doc To Pdf Converter

  1. Offline methods help to Secure data storage and quickly transform Word and Excel documents to PDF.
  2. They provide Efficient and fast document editing opportunities.
  3. Such conversion does not support OCR functionality. 
  4. Sometimes this procedure fails to convert some attributes. 

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