How to cover bald spots with toupee and wigs?

Air is a very personal accessory. One of the most intimate parts of you is revealed when you take out a comb. When you’re living with hair loss, the lack of hair on your head can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. It’s a problem that millions of people deal with every day. For a lot of people, that is a source of shame. Thinning hair can be a sign of low self-worth.

Let’s explore the best way to cover bald spots:

To cover a bald spot in the front-Frontal Hair Toupee

To be honest, hiding the bald spot that is at the front is the most difficult of all. The only solution to hide this is to wear a toupee or a full coverage wig. Toupee elegantly hides the bald spot and adds volume to hair. It does not make you feel heavy due to partial coverage.

On the other hand, Wigs provide full coverage and are relatively heavier than toupees. If the preceding line at the front is visible, using a wig is more recommended; however, if the bald patch is relatively smaller, a toupee is perfect for covering the site.

To cover a bald spot on top and crown- Men’s hair systems

If the hairline in the center is visible, side partings help in hiding the hair loss or bald spots. Do not forget to fix the side parting with the help of hair spray or hair mousse; otherwise, the parting may not stay in place, revealing the bald spot during an event.

If the bald spots are visible both at the top of the crown and at the back, using a wig is the only option as the toupee might not provide coverage to spots at the back. Invest in a full coverage wig.

To cover a bald spot in the back.

Bald spots at the back can be covered through various hair styling methods. Add the texture at the top or color the roots darker to draw attention to the front. Thus, the back of the head would remain unnoticeable. However, if the bald spot at the back is very visible, you can either cover it with a spray or by wearing a full coverage wig.

Surgical treatments can also be done only if you can afford the expenses. Post-care for surgical treatments is also required to reap the full benefits. For low-cost surgical treatments, micro pigmentation and laser therapy can be done.

To cover a bald spot for total baldness

There is no other option to hide total baldness besides surgical treatments or full coverage wigs. Wigs are an affordable option. Even people with the most sensitive scalp can easily wear medical wigs or skin base wigs. Different styles can be worn, and various colors can also be tried, which is another benefit of wearing a wig.

Full coverage wigs are slightly more expensive than toupee; however, if you keep your hair system with proper care and maintenance, a wig can last up to a year, provided you have invested in a good quality hairpiece, and you have found an authentic manufacturer.


In a world that prizes masculinity, men need to have hair on the top of their head. It’s important for men to cover bald spots because an individual’s self-esteem is often impaired by having a bald spot. Men who are balding may be apprehensive about social situations that could lead to potential embarrassment.


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