How To Keep The Tyres Of Your Vehicle Healthy

Vehicle Healthy

Tyres are a basic yet essential part of your vehicle. Your vehicle can not move an inch without the tyres. It is a good decision to invest in their vehicle’s tyres but it can be troublesome if you need to change your tyre set too often. Tyres are pretty expensive and we all are aware of that. So why not have a look at ways to keep them healthy so they can last longer?

Jot down the following tips in your mind book. They will not only elongate the life of your vehicle’s tyres but also ensure your safety on the road. So let’s jump to the article. 

Keep a regular check on tire pressures 

The first and foremost way to extend the tyre life of your used cars in Pakistan is to keep a regular check on the pressures. All kinds of tyres have a natural tendancy to lose air gradually with time. So, you should remember to top them up whenever needed. If your vehicle’s tyres are underinflated or overinflated, they can prove very dangerous for you. 

If you continue driving with underinflated tyres, continuous stress is applied to your vehicle’s tyres with no point of return. Due to the lack of air support, the structure of the tyres degrades. Except for this, driving with underinflated tyres, your fuel economy will also suffer. And if the tyres are overinflated, there is a high risk that the tyre may burst due to extra pressure. 

So, it is important to check the tyre pressure every couple of weeks. The cold weather can cause a drop in your tyre pressure. So, if you live in a place where the environment fluctuates a lot, you should keep a constant check on the tyre pressures. New vehicles have a feature that automatically monitors tyre pressures for you. 

Make tye rotation a routine 

Many used cars for sale in Pakistan owners ignore the significance of tyre rotation. For the vehicles that rely on front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, the tyes usually wear out unevenly. Tyres on the drive train portion of the vehicle wear out much faster. In order to balance this wear, tye rotation helps a lot. It helps to spread the load to all four vehicles instead of any two. 

Even if you own a vehicle with a four-wheel drive, you should still rotate the tyres. Now after how long should you rotate your vehicle’s tyres. That totally depends on you. There is no set time. But still you can check your vehicle’s maintenance manual for this purpose. Usually, it is a good idea to rotate the tyres every 5000 miles. 

Beware of road hazards

We all know that it is dangerous to drive over sharp objects like glass or nails. These things or any other road hazards may shorten the life of your vehicle tyres. Now when we talk about road hazards, we mean large potholes, uneven pavements, and large curbs. Driving on such a road 

hazards can cause the alignment of your used cars in Pakistan to throw off. 

The alignment is responsible for keeping the tyre in full contact with the road. If the tyre gets unaligned, the tyre can slip slightly to right or left. This causes one part of the tyre to experience more friction. This can shorten the lifespan of your tyre considerably. If you notice any misalignment, fix your alignment and rotate your tyres. 

Inspect for damage 

Tyre damages often go unnoticed by the owners. I mean, you don’t usually notice the picture till the tyre fails totally. So, if you keep an eagle’s eye on the tyre, you can get the tye repaired before it fails. So, you should inspect the tyres every few weeks visually. Check for any bulging pockets on the sidewalls. 

If you notice any bulging pocket, it may indicate sidewall damage on the interior of the tyre. This point becomes weak and hence is prone to more damage. If there are any gouges or scrapes on the sidewall, that portion can become weak too. Any nails or screws can plug a hole in the tyre. 

These holes can cause the air to slowly leak from the tyre. This slow leakage usually goes unnoticed by the owners and eventually results in tyre weakness and failure. So, check for nails carefully in your tyres as they might not be visible easily. You can extend the life of your vehicle’s tyes by inspecting your vehicle’s tyres every week. 

Keep your tyres clean 

It is also important to keep your tyres clean to remove any rough debris from their surface. It is obvious that the tyres are designed to counter the road friction but still keeping them clean reduces the chances of tye injury. So, take the time out of your tough routine and clean your tyres once in a while.


These few steps would help to elongate the life of your vehicle’s tyes. So, if you have used cars for sale in Pakistan, take good care of their tyres to get a good amount of money out of them. 

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