How to Make an Outdoor Artificial Palm Tree for Parties?


Let’s say you have bought a new artificial palm tree for your home, but you don’t know how you can give it the perfect shape you want and set it. If you cannot put the palm tree together and make it look good, it won’t fulfill its purpose. Instead, it might look like some kind of dump or garbage. 

Palm trees are great ornamentation for indoor or outdoor places. Decorate it in many ways you want and make it suitable for different situations. But you might not always find a real palm tree. An artificial palm tree can come to your rescue in those situations. 

You don’t get many decorative pieces for decorating your backyard or garden. An outdoor artificial palm tree can give you a long-lasting and cheaper alternative to real palm trees. Here, we will discuss how to make and arrange artificial palm trees, decorate them and take care of them. Let’s learn how to make an outdoor artificial palm tree with us. 

How To Make An Outdoor Artificial Palm Tree?

To make an artificial palm tree, you need to consider some things. First, your palm tree will need to deal with outdoor dust, rain, and wind. So, they need to be stable and long-lasting. As you make the tree at home, you should not use any harmful material or chemicals that might damage your skin.

To make an artificial palm tree, you need to make the trunk first and then join the leaves and branches on top of it. The trunk is the main body that will hold the other parts together. So, it needs to be strong and straight. 

You can use cardboard or plastic tubes to make it. As the palm tree is being made for putting it outdoors, it is better to make it waterproof so that it does not get damaged due to rain, snow, or moisture.

How Much Artificial Light Do Palm Trees Need?

If you are planning to decorate your palm tree with artificial lights, you need to use a decent amount of light strings to not look bland. But you cannot cover every inch of the tree with lights and wires either. It will make your tree look messy, and it will not highlight the tree’s beauty. 

It depends on your tree’s height and the circumference of how much light you will be needed. To make your tree cover properly, you will need to wrap the light strands around 4 to 5 times per foot. So, if the circumference of your tree is around 2 ft, you will need 8 to 10 ft long light for every single fruit of the height of the tree. You can also use less light or more depending on how much you want your tree to shine. 

Does Artificial Turf Harm Palm Trees

If you want to decorate your artificial palm trees with artificial turf, then it is ok. But in the case of real palm trees, it can be harmful. Artificial turf absorbs heat and traps it into them. This can make the surroundings warmer and damage the root of your tree.

Final Words

Keeping your palm tree in good shape is necessary to enhance the beauty of your house. So, without worrying too much, take care of your palm tree and make a more welcoming and warm decoration that will add life to the event.

Learning how to make an artificial palm tree and taking care of it will boost the beauty of your house, make your events more beautiful and decorate your interior.

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