How to Secure Your WordPress Website in 2022

Today, when online hacking is at its peak, securing your best WordPress hosting convesio website against external malware and threats is becoming more important than ever. A website is a representative of your business and hackers finding a way into your website would mean compromising your business itself. So, when it comes to security, to be safer than sorry, you need to adopt all the best WordPress website security practices and implement them in a way that no loopholes are to be found. It is simple, the less protected your website is, the more vulnerable it would be to an external attack. The weaker a security configuration is the more the chances of a security breach.

So, to help you secure your WordPress website against such mis happenings, from our web designers in Sydney, here is our guide on how to secure your WordPress website in 2022. Follow this list through and through and create for yourself a fully secure WordPress website. 

 1. Secure It with WP-Config.php

If one is to name the most important file within a WordPress website, it would be the WP-Config.php file and this is also the file that allows you to enhance the level of website security using several modifications. A WP-Config.php file contains several key information and if accessed by a hacker, is enough to take control over your website but at the same time, it can be modified to offer better protection against such threats.

How to secure your website with a WP-Config.php

  • The first thing you can do is change the database prefix. You might know that as a default, WordPress uses the ‘wp_’ prefix for all the tables which make them easy to find. By changing it to a prefix of your choice, you can hide the tables and make it difficult for the hacker to find them in case of a potential threat. 
  • On every WordPress dashboard, there is an option to edit the plugin/theme file. And if a hacker finds their way into your dashboard, they can edit and plant malware to any of these plugins. So, disabling the edit option could help you secure your website. 
  •  Along with restricting edit access, you can also place restrictions on installing or updating plugins and themes. This will add an extra level of security to your WordPress website. 
  • WP-Config.php file has a default location which makes it easy to be found by a potential hacker or malware. So, changing the location could help you secure your WP-Config.php file. 

2. Protect the Login page

The first step to securing a WordPress website is to add an extra level of security to your login page simply because this is usually where a malware attack begins. So, the more secure your login page is, the less the chances of your website being accessed by an external user or software. Now the question is, how to protect the login page of your WordPress website? Let’s find an answer to this question. 

Ways to Improve the Security of Your Login Page

  • Add Security Questions to WordPress Login Screen
  • Create a Strong Password
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Change the default “admin” username to something unique. Set Up Two Factor Authentication
  • Use the Protect Your Admin plugin to change the URL of your login page. 
  • Change your login credentials regularly, making them difficult to track.

3. Make Use of WordPress Backup Plugins

While there is a lot that you can do to secure your WordPress website in 2022, it is important to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, so that even if a breach happens, the magnitude of the loss could be reduced. And how do you do that? By making use of WordPress Backup Plugins and creating a backup of all important files. Today, there are several backup plugins available out there and you can use any of them to create backups including:

  • WP Database Backup
  • WP-DBManager

What you need to remember here is that when you create a full-site backup, you are supposed to not save it to your hosting account but to a remote location. You can schedule regular backups to make sure that you are always up-to-date on this front. This way, you can prevent the loss of valuable information even in the case of hacking or a malware attack. 

 4. Look for a Secure WordPress Hosting

The next step to ensuring the safety of your WordPress website is to look for a secure WordPress hosting service provider and plan. How reliable your hosting provider is, decides how secure your website would be and therefore no compromises should be made on this part. They will not only provide you with a safe hosting channel but also help adopt all the best security practices. 

Key Features Offered by Your Hosting Provider

  • Verse you with all the data centre security measures. 
  • Automated or managed regular backups
  • Install all the server-side security systems, like anti-malware software or firewalls. 
  • SSL certificate add-ons
  • Keep your website up-to-date by incorporating all the latest updates. 

5. Protect Your WordPress Admin Panel

The admin has the maximum control over the workings of your WordPress website and if the security of the admin panel is breached, then taking control of the entire website is an easy task. So, as important as protecting your login page is protecting your admin panel and by doing it both is how you secure your WordPress website in 2022. 

How To Protect Your WordPress Admin Panel

  • Create a password-protected wp-admin folder. 
  • Make sure to keep your WordPress website updated because the websites that are not up-to-date are most prone to security breaches. Moreover, with each update, new security configurations come in and they can offer increased protection to your website. 
  • Assign different user roles and customise the kind of access and permissions that each of these roles has. Do not give the administrative role to many users. 
  • Make sure to install WordPress Security Plugins that offer features like a WP firewall, two-factor authentication, Geography-based blacklisting, DDoS scanner and protection, etc. 

So, this was our guide on how to secure your WordPress website in 2022. If you are not versed about the workings of a WordPress website, this all might seem like a lot to process and implement but for our experts, this is an easy task. So, get in touch with us at Make My Website and secure your website against any security threats.

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