How To Style A Classic Round Diamond: A Guide


As the saying goes, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friends’, but when it comes to helping out with engagement preparations, it’s the round-cut diamond that gets the front-row seat and the honor of being on the bride’s finger and setting the deal!

Round cut diamonds have been around for much longer than we can imagine, but it was in the 1920’s that the round cut got its brilliant appearance that promised to enhance the inherent sparkle of the stone and give it the optical boost it needed! Thanks to this, the round cut diamond became the reigning and most preferred type that is still loved to this day. In fact, diamonds of this shape are the ones to undergo the most tests, as it is easy to detect any kind of imperfection in such diamonds!     

New World Diamonds are your solution for getting this cut. We use our creativity and imagination for solving problems, which is how we came about with the idea of Lab Created Diamonds, which promise to solve the problems of anyone looking forward to a happily married life!

The round cut diamond goes with anything, which has made it the most preferred out of shapes like Princess, Heart, Asscher, oval and so on.

A look at the settings

The kind of setting that fits any round cut diamond depends on the size of said diamond. We at New World Diamonds can help you decide what suits you best!

Here are some settings you might like, though we suggest that you choose the one that is best for you: 

  • Four prong setting

This is the most preferred, as it magnifies the amount of light reflected by the stone. This is the staple setting for most diamonds. On top of that, it is inexpensive, making it a good fit for anyone seeking a discount on their favorite items.

  • Six prong setting

There have been instances where the brides or the grooms had the misfortune of having the diamonds fall out of the settings, resulting in some really awkward situations! The six prong setting was created to solve this problem. It is also known as the ’Tiffany’ setting, and it was created in the 19th century. This setting ensures that your stone stays in place without affecting its shine or being hard on your wallet!

  • Pave setting

Is one diamond not enough for you? For those who love a little extra, there is the pave setting, which consists of the ring’s band being embedded with tiny diamonds for some additional spark to shine bright!

  • Channel setting

This is similar to the pave style, except that the diamonds tend to be much larger, and don’t stick out. It will work out just fine for people who wish for great looks with muted shine! 

  • The bezel setting

This is perfect for those who love the simple things of life, and don’t like being poked by the rough edges of the diamond. It does not ruin the look of the stone, and has the homely feel the person cherishes so much.

And finally, the guide for styles that work for round cut diamonds 

The term ‘style’, in layman words, it refers to the details on the surrounding areas of the ring or any piece of diamond jewelry in question, such as the band or the setting used for it! They are meant to reflect the attitude personality and the outlook of the wearer 

  • Remembering Mother nature

Today, people have become aware of the threat certain work activities pose to the environment. If you are a nature-person and all about the great outdoors, then you can go for a nature-themed look for your round-cut diamond.

  • Leaves:

Trees and various other plants are an integral part of the environment. If you want something elaborate, a leaf accent is a good idea that New World Diamonds will help you with.

  • Stems and barks:

If you are looking for simplicity, then the stem and bark themes will work well. Our experts at New World Diamonds will help you achieve the exact look you have in mind.

  • Flowers:

If you are a bit of a hippie, then you can channel it by getting flower detailing on the band. We at New World Diamonds will help you show the world your flower power.

  • Getting along with the modern times

Practicality is the key to solving any problem. And a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring or jewelry inspired by modern architecture will suit anyone who is all about being serious. Any stone styled this way becomes the centerpiece of the jewelry. Our experts at New World Diamonds believe in staying up to date with the modern times.

  • Knife edge: This sleek and shiny ring-band is characterized by its prominent sharp corners.
  • Asymmetrical: If you wish to make an impression on the colleagues, then a band with opposing facets is good for the occasion.
  • No one can beat the classics

Some people are ardent fans of the classics, especially when it is related to jewelry. Latest trends do not hold any appeal to them. Settings like Bezel, Channel and Pave come under this category. 

Take your pick, and let New World Diamonds help you get your bright future!

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