How to Use Digital Marketing to Generate Leads

The digital revolution has altered our business practices. Lead generation services agencies in Dubai must create a well-oiled lead creation machine in order to stay up with their prospects’ demands. 

How to Use Digital Marketing to Generate Leads 

  • To establish thought leadership, use content marketing.
  • Utilize Paid Social Media
  • Make Local SEO a Priority on Your Website
  • Email Marketing Segments

Marketing activities that support AdWords lead generation correspond with stages of the buyers’ journey, beginning with traffic generation, then converting visitors into leads, and finally converting those leads into customers. According to a 2018 study, converting leads to customers is a top objective of digital marketing services in Dubai UAE.

Despite the abundance of lead creation software available and b2b lead generation companies in Dubai, lead production is a serious challenge for most. 88 percent of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase according to statistics. It is our job as marketers to build digital marketing strategies that provide value to the buyer during their research process, generating not just traffic but qualified leads as well.

Prism Marketing Management has got four tips below that can help you in creating an effective digital marketing, lead generation machine.

To establish thought leadership, use content marketing.

One of the first phases in your lead creation strategy should be to start producing content if you haven’t already. 96 percent of B2B buyers want the content to include input from thought leaders, according to Demand Gen Report, while 47 percent of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before speaking with a sales representative.

Become a subject matter expert on themes or pain areas that your product or service addresses to generate leads. Post industry-related blogs, news, and tips on a regular basis. Make extensive guides available on your website that guests may download. It allows you to gather information from people who download your guides so that you can enroll them in lead nurturing programs and keep them interested by providing more information about your product or service. There is even a possibility that they will become your customers.

Remember to use online marketing techniques like SEO, social media, and email to promote the content you publish. If consumers can’t find your stuff, it won’t matter how good it is. According to a survey conducted by FormStack, organic search is the most reliable source of high-quality leads, therefore make absolutely sure you spend some time optimizing your content for search engines.

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Utilize Paid Social Media

For lead generation, social networking can be an effective tool. You must invest time and effort in establishing an engaged audience in order to convert those individuals into leads if you want to be effective at acquiring leads via social media. Determining which tool is most appropriate for your company is the first challenge. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Pinterest allow you to conduct sponsored social ads.

Because Facebook is the most popular social media site, around 84 percent of marketers use it to drive visitors and digital lead generation. Facebook Lead Ads is a favorite of mine for lead generation. Contacts can input their information without leaving Facebook using this ad format. 

“Subscribe to Our Newsletter” or “Limited Time Offer – 25% Off Your First Purchase” are examples of campaign strategies. You can use this as an opportunity to offer them an incentive to return to your sales funnel and Lead Ads are also an excellent place to run remarketing campaigns because the majority of your website visitors will see the ad. Through Facebook, businesses can eliminate friction and reduce acquisition costs, resulting in a more enjoyable user experience and hopefully more qualified leads.

Make Local SEO a Priority for Your Website 

Without a doubt, organic search is one of the most effective long-term lead generation tactics available. It’s challenging to know where to start with over 200 parameters influencing how Google ranks your website in SERPs (search engine results pages). Spending effort optimizing local SEO is a major hitter for lead creation, in my opinion. WordStream found that 72 percent of consumers who do a local search visit a store within five miles of their search location.

As suggested by Prism, a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, local SEO will assist users to locate you when you’re most needed, allowing your company to tap into the nearby community. Local SEO can help drive more clients to your front door as mobile continues to grow in popularity. Begin by verifying that your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) is consistent throughout your website and in online directories like Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business.

Another wonderful approach is to invite delighted customers to post feedback or to make it very easy for customers to do so. Without spending a dollar, reviews on third-party platforms boost your chances of being found by qualified prospects. In addition to your area, state, or neighborhood, make sure your website Title Tag includes a significant key phrase that you want to rank for. Simply conducting a keyword search and seeing where you come up, allows some time to pass before putting your business to the test.

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Email Marketing Segments 

Email marketing, despite being an older approach, can be a very effective tool for reaching out to prospects or upselling to existing clients. It’s critical to alter your email marketing plan to target certain segments of your consumer database by personalizing your messaging. Marketing automation is a common way for helping marketers deliver highly targeted emails to leads automatically.

Leads can be placed into a workflow that is synced with your CRM so that whenever they fill out a website form, they are fostered with material that matches their individual interests. Follow-up emails with outstanding content and a CTA (call to action) to subscribe to your blog could be included.

You may modify your messaging to move each lead down the funnel as you learn more about them. According to Forrester Research, firms that nurture their leads see 50 percent more sales-ready prospects at a 33 percent lower cost than their non-nurturing competitors. The ability to record website visitor data and combine it with behavioral triggers has helped marketers to become much wiser about inbox management.

Whatever you decide to try next, make sure you maintain testing despite the fact that we’ve only mentioned a few lead creation tactics. In order to maximize the bottom line, this guide will help you understand how to formulate and implement effective digital marketing campaigns. 

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