Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads for New Agents

For most agents, the idea of getting free real estate leads isn’t even in their minds. Most agents work very hard to get customers to sign up with them and keep paying on time. They put lots of time and money into their businesses. So, why is it that people want free leads when they could get them for free?

The fact of the matter is that people love to buy products and services. That’s why they go to the various websites and sign up for the multiple things they are interested in. But it’s also true that without customers, these businesses won’t make a profit. And unfortunately, generating free leads isn’t nearly as straightforward as it sounds.

Leads for Agents

Some excellent lead generation websites out there can help you generate qualified buyers for your business. Take eBay, for example. Almost all people who look for hot products on eBay end up at one of the famous “drop-shops” or buying clubs. When you sell items on these sites, you get a percentage of the price when you sell an item to one of these customers. This can generate lots of leads for agents.

There are other websites and methods out there, but the above list should give you an excellent place to start. If you don’t know where to get good eBay or other hot product lists, consider asking your real estate agent, stottbop. She’s the go-to expert in the field and will be glad to show you the best way to get leads on eBay.

Create Buyer Profiles

There are also other ways to attract buyers to your website. One of the best ideas is to make sure that your website is easy to find and navigate. Some agents worry that they have to do too much work to attract buyers to their site. But with intelligent strategies and great lead capture pages, real estate agents can create buyer profiles, offer photos, describe their homes in detail, and build trust. Once those buyers have a record of your information, it can be a lot easier to sell them a home.

Another strategy to draw in buyers is to offer free lead cards. Freebies like these can reach a lot of potential buyers. For example, take a page from your website and create a flyer with a few sentences about yourself and your work. Then insert a few links back to your site. The idea is to leave a link pointing back to your website so the buyer can check out your services. These cards can contain the following information: your name, contact information, the exact mailing address, a map, a list of services, and your fees.

How to Targeting Buyers

Using Facebook to market your business is also a great idea. As you probably know, Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites on the planet. And since almost everyone has an account, it’s a great way to get names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Like email leads, the quality of information you generate from Facebook is very high, but it’s best to focus on targeting buyers rather than investors.


The above strategies are just a few of the many ideas available for generating free leads. However, these are among the most effective and affordable. So if you are looking to increase your real estate sales, consider adding cold calling, posting Facebook ads, and creating business cards to your website. You can spend a lot of money hiring a professional realtor and spending time and money collecting email addresses, but these free tactics will get you started in no time. And if you’re serious about increasing your sales, then you should consider spending money on a professional marketing company.

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