Importance of previous year SSC CGL question papers

Old is gold! This is not a new proverb, but most exam aspirants do not follow it. It is a harsh reality that most of the exam aspirants whether it is banking or SSC CGL, do not focus on the previous year’s question paper. As a result, they lose precious marks and a golden opportunity to get a good government job.

Mostly, exam aspirants are pretty confident about their preparation for the SSC CGL syllabus. However, one thing they forget to integrate into the study plan is the previous year’s question paper. Continue reading to know its significance in exam preparation.

Key significances of previous year question papers

What is the exam pattern?

Every SSC CGL aspirant has this query before applying for the examination. Hence, it is advisable to go through the previous year’s question papers first. And then try out their luck in the examination. After going through the previous year’s paper, candidates will understand their strengths and weaknesses. Also, they will understand a number of modules coming in the examination.

Therefore, download the previous year’s question paper from the internet or purchase it from the nearest book shop. However, due to pandemic problems, it is recommended to prefer digital solutions. One hour of screen time for previous papers is enough to prepare for success.

Knowing the difficulty level

Before any examination, knowing its difficulty level is a must. For candidates who are well versed with concepts and difficulty level of exams, chances of scoring higher marks also increase for them. Hence, no other resource better than the previous year’s papers are best to kick start the exam preparation.

Mostly, the SSC CGL exam consists of questions from English, Reasoning, General Awareness. But, these modules will not have the same level as the school examination. So, underestimating the importance of previous year papers may be a risky task for candidates.

Determining the important modules

Not a single module is more effective than the other. It means English is equally important in terms of marks weightage with reasoning (Both 50 marks each). But, candidates judge the exam level by their strengths and weaknesses. Many SSC CGL aspirants may have a good command of English and are looking to score in the Reasoning section.

For them, previous year’s question papers make the prep job easier by providing important questions from different modules. It contains different marks and weightage questions from different sections. As a result, preparation jobs become easier for aspirants, and scoring higher marks is no more a difficult task for them. For further reference on the same, they can join SSC CGL Online coaching.

Boost the confidence level

There is no medicinal tonic available to boost the confidence level. It all depends on the hard work and determination that candidates put in to get better scores in the examination. But, how is it possible to boost confidence level without a motivational speaker? The answer is the Previous year’s paper that consists of unsolved questions.

After solving these unsolved questions, candidates will judge their performance. If they get good scores, they will regularly practice concepts and strive hard to clear the examination. Also, it helps them to understand complicated sections which make their heads scratch regularly. After solving three to four questions in a go, there is no matter of worrying or having concerns about the preparation.

Key takeaways

Many blogs and articles have included the point of the previous year’s question paper. It is because they carry important features that we highlighted in this post. So, whenever there is an SSC examination, always prefer previous year papers first and then purchase learning resources. It is available at zero costs on websites.

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